You’re Invited to the Party

7633331544_e2b17e3a05_bWhat if you were not a teeny tiny human doing but were actually an infinitely delightful BEingness?

I'm sure you've caught glimpses of this vastness in yourself and others.

Imagine how different it all would be if this were who you were being most of the time, instead of some of the time.

What if you were able to invoke this beingness at will?

Your ‘work in the world' would be the embodiment of your brilliance. Relationships would be sourced from a deep recognition. Your body would be a vibrant expression of your fullness. Your life would be a cosmic play of movement and stillness, focus and flow.

Gone would be the seeking out there for something to fill you, complete you. You would be a glorious expression of Life, with the ability to shift and flow as circumstances change. No clinging only to the time-tested truisms, but a willingness to experience life anew again and again.

You have a standing invitation for the next 21 days to join the party. You are cordially invited to…

Feel  . . . . the familiar echo of your deepest longing
Sense . . . the rippling of your loving lightness
Know . . . the power of your boundless BEing

Welcome home, darlings.

Relax. Everything Changes.

Everything Changes.

Have you ever felt your life like a runaway train?

You knew you were on a train to the wrong destination but it was moving so fast you couldn't pry yourself off with everything intact.

Change is often messy that way. There are certain things that aren't going to make it. Sometimes we hold onto those things SO tightly we don't even realize they're not ours.

Excising ourselves from these attachments can seem extraordinarily difficult, even painful.

It's been this way for me. I knew I wasn't completely ‘lined up,' but I kept doing it anyway. The deeper yearnings just got louder – and Life delivered a crisis – until I had no choice but to make the BIG Shift.

Everything Changes AND It Shapes You

If you're on a runaway train and have no idea how you'll get off, I know your pain. I've been on the train for 2 years. I knew it wasn't going where I needed to go, and I felt like I couldn't get off.

Listen, everyone experiences BIG shifts. Whether it's an unexpected crisis like Hurricane Sandy, or my own home fire, or your kids are off to college or the career you've enjoyed has come to a close.

These moments are life leaps that provide an opportunity for you to tap into your inner wisdom. It's times like these where you hone those mad Jedi skills.

I've discovered that group energy is rocket fuel for times of massive transition. It amplifies your intention and energy like nothing else. Don't navigate this BIG shift alone, you need support.

Remember… it’s not about the destination. It’s about who you become on the adventure. Life always has your back.

Relax, everything changes… especially you! Yay!


5 Benefits of Being in the BIG Shifts Community

bigshiftscommunityThere are lots of communities clamoring for your attention, why join this one?

1. You Want to Navigate, Or Spark, Your Own BIG Shift. You're at a BIG pivot point in your world and you want to find your own powerful and graceful pathway through it. You want access to inner techniques and tools, as well as practical resources and steps that will support you to make the BIG Shifts.

2. You Want to Play With a Powerful and Playful BIG Shifts Tour Guide. I'm no stranger to big shifts and delight in creating the playground for big stuff to occur. You'll find a host who's curious, creative and collaborative. Someone who guides you in claiming your inner knowing and frees your essence to play in the cosmic dance.

3. You Want to Experience the Power of Community and Collaboration of the Highest Order. You know that the 5 people you spend the most time with impacts your potential and possibility, you're ready for a serious upgrade. Caroline Myss says, “You evolve at the rate of your Tribe.” You know it's true.

4. You Want to Share a Powerful BIG Shifts Process, Resource or Tool. Some of you know quite a bit about BIG Shifts and can easily facilitate a ‘flip the switch' moment. You are ready to share your goodies and gifts with the world and want to partner with other BIG Shifters.

5. You Want the BIG Shifts Goodie Bag. I've got a tiny taste up right now. I'm adding energy boosting resources, including recipes, energy techniques, interviews, poetry and a potpourri of life artist tools to navigate your exquisite adventure. Register and you'll be the first to know when it's ready.

BIG Shifts are a powerful playground to invoke the inner dance and live from your power, presence and passion. Let's explore a playful and powerful pathway to BIG Shifts.

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