Joy is High Performance Fuel

Welcome to Day 20 of our 21-Day Adventure!

Joy . . . sounds of joy to the world (the hymn AND the Three Dog Night song) ring through my head, opening my heart and lifting my spirits. Just the word does things to me. It's like happiness to the 100th power. My body feels infused with light, so much so that I radiate like a STAR, darling! Yes!

I wasn't always familiar with the feel and sensation of joy in my body. My story includes lots of doggie downers (if I insist on wearing those tattered clothes). It might even be that I relish joy SO much because it's been hard won.

Whatever your story or relationship to this high frequency vibe, I guarantee if you surrender to your ability to experience joy everything will change. Nothing will shift your world faster than feeling good. Ever seen a sad flower? That's right! When you're FULL of Life, you're full of joy!

You know how you feel when you laugh? Isn't it awesome? Your body is light, your spirit is free. There are numerous studies that show laughter helps people live longer, happier lives, be more creative and productive, and have more energy with less physical discomfort. Norman Cousin's groundbreaking book, Anatomy of an Illness, gave an in depth account of how he healed a spinal condition through the use of laughter. Study after study report the same thing: laughter IS the best medicine!

So . . . imagine how high you'll fly when you allow joy to flow unrestricted in your world.

If you're unaccustomed to feeling joy just know that feeling good is a habit. You can acquire the taste for feeling good! It opens doorways to endless possibilities.

Joy is at the core of your being. It's the delight of Life moving through you, as you, in time and space. Joy, my darlings, is FUEL for LIVING!

In today's writing follow the pathway of joy in your life. Tap into your earliest remembrance and notice the last time you surrendered to it completely.

Vibing Up!





Today's writing prompt:

Joy isĀ . . .