How to Make Your BIG Shifts Fun and Easy


Resistance is not a fun place.

It is, however, a portal to possibility. That shift alone can open infinite doorways on your BIG Shifts journey.

Consider that resistance is your companion on the evolutionary adventure. Wouldn't it make sense to embrace the unknown, instead of fighting it?

The dark and the difficult are needed as
much as the light 
and the easy.  Osho

What if  resistance is a call to a deeper level of trust, an opening to your soul's calling? Wouldn't you just hate to miss that opportunity?

Luckily, you don't have to. Life is always on offer and resistance is really a personalized map to unleashing your greatest potential.

Once a BIG Shift has occurred you have a choice: You can respond from your wholeness or you can react from your habits. You know which one leads to a quantum leap in your own evolution, right?

Here are 4 companions to help you experience the BIG easy on your BIG Shifts:

1. Laugh a Lot. There are SO many reasons that laughter is good for you, but mostly it feels great AND gets your energy flowing. You can either watch some funny You Tube videos or even start laughing spontaneously. What may first seem to be a forced laughed, will become genuine laughter. Laughter relaxes and energizes you in seconds. Laugh more!

2. Lighten Up. Release your tight grip on how things need to be, or used to be. Seriousness and significance will only slow down your movement. Tune into the ways that you can lighten up right now. Look for the places in your world that are rigid and set. Toss out some of the ‘have to's.' Break the rules!

3. Luxuriate in the Now. Bask in the rightness of this moment. Feel the goodness that IS flowing and give thanks. Feel the perfection of right now. Less doing, more being. When you think of the things that you need to ‘do,' break them down into byte-sized bits that can be handled in a sitting. Build on these moment to moment successes. Experience every day magic!

4. Wonder. Think back to when you were a child and you’d sit, wonder and dream about the stars in the evening sky. Weren't you transported by your sense of excitement and possibility of what else was out there? It is this ‘curious inquiry’ which is an invaluable tool when engaging the BIG Shifts and breaking through to an expanded level of awareness. Daydream more!

Things often must break down in order for you to explore a new way of seeing and being. Resistance is Life’s invitation to compost the old and bring in the new. It’s the natural order for an evolutionary being, and that’s who you really are.

Every painful situation in your life can be used as a catalyst to create increased clarity and greater understanding. You are peace, you are light, you are love. The only ‘problem’ is a gap in awareness. The only ‘challenge’ is your programmed behavior. Be willing to free the me.

BIG Shifts can be your personal pathway to peaceful power.

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