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5 Energy Essentials to Fuel Your BIG Shifts

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You care for your home.
You care for your clothing.
You care for your car.
You care for your children.
You care for your work.
You care for your investments.

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?



Luckily it’s not really hard to tap into the essentials. Here are the 5 primary elements that will power up the energy for your BIG Shifts, in order of importance:

1. Breath is one of the most profound and direct ways you have of changing or fine-tuning your chemical and biological state. Each breath contains life-force (energy, ki. chi, prana, etc.) and it can be increased through your awareness. Breath  not only connects you to your center, it connects you to ‘All That Is’.  Take in liberal doses!

2. Water was your initial environment before birth. Three quarters of your body is made from it and your digestion and metabolism depend on it. Evolution has shifted the ocean outside of  you to within your tissues — salt water is the internal medium in which materials are transported around the body. Your brain is over 70% water, your blood 60% and your bones 30%. It is required for assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste. Water also conducts electricity, a form of energy. Your available energy is enhanced when you are hydrated. Drink up!

3. Food. The quality of your food impacts the quality of your energy. Eat fresh, organic, locally grown food. Too much refined and processed food robs the body of vital nutrients and increases your intake of fat, sugar, chemicals and additives. Eat more vegetables and less animal products. Eating fresh fruit and raw salads each day increases your fiber and reduces your salt intake, helps to optimize absorption of protein and ensures a rich supply of cancer-busting phytochemicals — substances only found in plant foods. This will awaken your body’s intelligence. Eat intuitively!

4. Movement. Exercise increases oxygen in your blood, boosts metabolism and pumps up circulation. You’ve got a body, it thrives on movement. If you don’t care for traditional workouts find movement that you enjoy: walking, dancing, yoga, zumba. There are an infinite number of ways that you can BE in your body. Find the movement that fires you up and engage in it regularly. One of my favorites is dancing between calls. Move it!

5. Rest. The quality of your rest – whether it’s sleep, meditation or mindfulness – directly impacts your ability to restore. Your body requires deep, sound, uninterrupted sleep to be at its energetic best. Establish a routine for bedtime: take a warm bath, drink chamomile tea, meditate, etc. Be conscious of things that may contribute to unrest such as violent films, books or electronic devices. Design your sleep space to induce a relaxed, peaceful state: use a water fountain, an alarm clock with sounds of nature or gentle chimes, delicious comforters, scents that are calming.

Tweaking the physical factors that influence your energy will expand your bandwidth of energetic availability and your ability to navigate the big shifts. Fine tune yours today!

Less is More

It can be difficult to find your point of presence when you’re in the throes of a BIG Shift.

When massive change hits a crucial area of your world, you can find yourself making long term decisions in a split second.

BIG Shifts often require speedy choices, even when you have little certainty of the outcome. Sometimes it’s unavoidable: if you’ve experienced a natural disaster you need to secure food, shelter and safety for yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes rash choices occur when you’re trying to avoid the fallout massive change can bring on.

What if in the midst of the chaos you chose to settle into the stillness instead of free falling into the frenzy?

Are You Powered By The Problem Or The Possibility?

BIG Shifts can make uncertainty  look like the ‘new normal.’  When there’s SO much movement there’s very little time for research, learning and planning. You often have to fly with your gut instinct and go with what feels right.

It’s a dynamic experience which requires your full presence. Yeah, sometimes its flow, sometimes its funk. It’s movement, nonetheless. And your focus shapes your experience.

The real seeker of truth never seeks truth. On the contrary, he tries to clean himself of all that is untrue, inauthentic, insincere – and when his heart is ready, purified, the guest comes. You cannot find the guest, you cannot go after him. He comes to you; you just have to be prepared. You have to be in a right attitude.


The choices you make aren’t the determining factor in navigating the experience powerfully, it is who you are BEing that shifts the flow of just in time resources to gracefully support, instead of hinder, you.

One of the ways you can invoke the possibility is to schedule lots of ‘white space’ in your calendar. Create pockets of play to shift the problem. Use the white space to muse, daydream and indulge in radical self care. Dance, sing, write and connect with people who care about you.

You will find that the BIG Shift creates an opportunity for a BIG Leap. All you need to do is tend the fertile ground of your being and it will find YOU.

Less is more, and basking in the white space will elicit a plethora of insights, ideas and inspiration. It will also invoke the cosmic forces to come and play.

Image: The Monk and the Heron, H. Koppdelaney

5 Benefits of Being in the BIG Shifts Community

bigshiftscommunityThere are lots of communities clamoring for your attention, why join this one?

1. You Want to Navigate, Or Spark, Your Own BIG Shift. You’re at a BIG pivot point in your world and you want to find your own powerful and graceful pathway through it. You want access to inner techniques and tools, as well as practical resources and steps that will support you to make the BIG Shifts.

2. You Want to Play With a Powerful and Playful BIG Shifts Tour Guide. I’m no stranger to big shifts and delight in creating the playground for big stuff to occur. You’ll find a host who’s curious, creative and collaborative. Someone who guides you in claiming your inner knowing and frees your essence to play in the cosmic dance.

3. You Want to Experience the Power of Community and Collaboration of the Highest Order. You know that the 5 people you spend the most time with impacts your potential and possibility, you’re ready for a serious upgrade. Caroline Myss says, “You evolve at the rate of your Tribe.” You know it’s true.

4. You Want to Share a Powerful BIG Shifts Process, Resource or Tool. Some of you know quite a bit about BIG Shifts and can easily facilitate a ‘flip the switch’ moment. You are ready to share your goodies and gifts with the world and want to partner with other BIG Shifters.

5. You Want the BIG Shifts Goodie Bag. I’ve got a tiny taste up right now. I’m adding energy boosting resources, including recipes, energy techniques, interviews, poetry and a potpourri of life artist tools to navigate your exquisite adventure. Register and you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready.

BIG Shifts are a powerful playground to invoke the inner dance and live from your power, presence and passion. Let’s explore a playful and powerful pathway to BIG Shifts.

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