5 Energy Essentials to Fuel Your BIG Shifts

[feature_box_creator style=”1″ width=”” top_margin=”” bottom_margin=”” top_padding=”” right_padding=”” bottom_padding=”” left_padding=”” alignment=”center” bg_color=”” bg_color_end=”” border_color=”” border_weight=”” border_radius=”” border_style=”” ] You care for your home. You care for your clothing. You care for your car. You care for your children. You care for your work. You care for your investments. If you don’t take care of your body,… Continue reading 5 Energy Essentials to Fuel Your BIG Shifts

Less is More

It can be difficult to find your point of presence when you’re in the throes of a BIG Shift. When massive change hits a crucial area of your world, you can find yourself making long term decisions in a split second. BIG Shifts often require speedy choices, even when you have little certainty of the… Continue reading Less is More