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BIG Shifts Chat: Jennifer Urezzio

bse-jenniferurezzio-turntruthJennifer Urezzio started off our BIG Shifts Chat with a declaration,

“In dealing with transformation often we look for the golden ticket moment. What I’ve noticed is that there have been a lot of big shifts that seem small and have a huge impact.”

Sometimes a scary step turns into a BIG Shift.

Here are some highlights from our call:

  • Your soul propels you into a BIG Shift.
  • Stop fighting the shift. Let go of the resistance. See it as a blessing.
  • Do a sacred practice that resonates with you.
  • If you’re not using a tool it’s not going to help you. It needs to be practical.
  • You can’t hide from yourself. Singing can be the most naked moment of your existence.
  • Singing helps align your voice and your vision.
  • Singing creates a deeper connection to yourself and the divine.
  •  You can’t manifest if you’re not grounded in your body.
  • Singing helps you embody your truth more.
  • When you express yourself in a new way for the first time there’s a deep fear of rejection.
  • You are never alone.  When you feel separate the key is to connect.
  • Your body, your divine intelligence, knows safety, you just have to activate it and embody it.
  • Remember the baseline of your soul: love, peace and connection.
  • When you are in survival mode – fear and doubt – it’s hard to make decisions that are in alignment.
  • The key is not to eradicate fear and doubt, but turn towards something bigger than that. Turn toward truth.
  • Don’t forget about your sacred practice during tough times.
  • Incorporate the three elements of a sacred practice: reflection, connection and conversation.
  • Allow the right people to support you. We often forget our support teams are rooting for us.
  • The law of receiving is you give 10%, you get 90% back.
  • Listen to your own inner wisdom.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”×175.jpg” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Jennifer%20Urezzio%2C%20Master%20Intuitive%20%26%20Author” text=”%3Cp%3EJennifer%20Urezzio%20is%20a%20master%20intuitive%2C%20author%2C%20teacher%20and%20speaker.%20.%C2%A0She%20specializes%20in%20helping%20people%20connect%20%E2%80%93%20to%20themselves%2C%20to%20each%20other%2C%20and%20to%20the%20Divine.%20She%20founded%20a%20new%20paradigm%2C%20Soul%20Language%2C%20a%20method%20for%20helping%20people%20recognize%20their%20purpose%20and%20helps%20them%20live%20from%20a%20place%20of%20power%20and%20truth.%20%C2%A0Jennifer%20has%20also%20published%20an%20affirmation%20card%20deck%20with%20Caren%20Frost%20Olmsted%20called%20Keys%20of%20Grace.%20%C2%A0Her%20expertise%20has%20been%20featured%20extensiv” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

BIG Shifts Chat: Angela Barnes

bse-angelabarnes-peaceinbeautyAngela is no stranger to BIG Shifts. She’s experienced a difficult marriage to a Vietnam Vet, an almost fatal car crash, estrangement with one of her daughters and her mom, Janet Barnes, was the longest living quadraplegic in the Guiness World Records.

In talking about her own BIG Shifts experiences she says, “The me before was existing, living, getting things done, and excelling at work because I sure didn’t excel at living. The me I am now I have a heart, people are in my world and I’m in their world. I’ve shifted from shrapnel and shards to rose petals and breadcrumbs.”

Her are highlights from our call:

  • Write. Let words out. Not for others, but for yourself.
  • Hang in for glimpses of light.
  • Survival is part of our life. But … Are you merely existing? Don’t just survive, thrive.
  • Announce your new life and do it!
  • Get rid of excess junk and stuff. How can you receive the good stuff if you hold onto the gunk? Don’t hold onto it. Turn it loose.
  • One of the greatest challenges of being present is being in your own way, clouding your own thoughts and camouflaging your real life by seeing what is old and drudged up and not what’s really there.
  • Don’t allow hatefulness and hurt, and lack of appreciation, in your world.  Create a supportive environment. Angela created house rules and had friends support her in them. Here were her 3 rules: Love. Acceptance. No Bitching. For a year no one entered her environment without love and acceptance.
  • You can’t control what’s out there. You can control what comes to you.
  • Don’t talk bad to yourself. Take care of you. Make time to get to know yourself.
  • Get rid of accumulation. Clean out a closet, share some books, take out the trash. Do something to reduce.
  • Open your hands. Stop hoarding.
  • Take a beauty bath. If you have a beauty deficit, get out there and walk with beauty, walk with nature. It’s free. It’s available.
  • We can help heal ourselves. Write a love letter to yourself from someone you’d most like to hear loving words.
  • Survive. Thrive. Live.
  • Find peace easily in beauty. Beauty is a conduit to peace.
  • Love is present. Notice it. Angela discovered this in the faces of people everywhere on her trip to India.
  • Be tender and nice to yourself. Do NOT beat yourself up. If it’s a challenge to be kind to yourself find 3 positive things to say. Say it out loud. It will change some of the negativity you may not have words for.
  • There is something admirable in each one of us. Name it and claim it.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Angela%20Barnes%2C%20Author%20and%20Workshop%20Leader” text=”%3Cp%3EAngela%20Barnes%20is%20a%20published%20author%2C%20poet%2C%20and%20songwriter%2C%20and%20a%20powerful%20and%20candid%20speaker.%20She%20generously%20shares%20her%20stark%20naked%20truth%20about%20life%20with%20humor%20and%20honor.%20Angela%20is%20a%20creative%20catalyst%20who%20loves%20engaging%20with%20audiences%20and%20hosting%20healing%20writing%20workshops%2C%20virtually%2” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

BIG Shifts Chat: Charan Surdhar

bse-charansurdhar-dnapowerCharan Surdhar trained as a human geneticist but her own BIG Shifts gave rise to an interest in the mind-body-soul connection. Two of the books that helped to create this shift were, Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief, and Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code. Moved by what she experienced, she shifted the focus of her work to include her scientific mind and soul through the path of Epigenetics.

Here are some highlights from our call:

  • Trauma can take you into your heart.
  • Contrary to what you’ve been taught, genes are not in control of your biology.
  • It’s the emotions we experience, the beliefs we have, the perceptions we have – the whole of us – that influence biology and the way genes are expressed.
  • Each gene is not expressed in ONE set way. Each gene can be expressed 30,000 ways!
  • Our emotions, beliefs and perceptions interact with our cells to send information to the DNA.
  • We have SO many possibilities available to us. Express the power in your DNA.
  • Epigenetics is the science that explores how emotions, beliefs and perceptions influence the way your genes are expressed.
  • When you work with your emotions, beliefs and perceptions you can have more health vitality and well being. You can release inherited emotions.
  • At conception you pick up the energy of generational beliefs from your mom, dad, and ancestors. It influences the way your genes are expressed.
  • The energy that gets transferred then creates the traits you have. It creates the feelings, emotions and perceptions, and how you behave in your life, biologically as well.
  • We can access the subsconscious mind, which is 95% of our mind. Only 5% is conscious.
  • Russian scientists have discovered that when you expose DNA to certain frequencies DNA can be positively expressed.
  • The frequency of unconditional love, kindness, and compassion allow for positive gene expression.
  • We are not victims. We are meant to have all sorts of emotions. We do have the ability to feel these emotions and release them.
  • When you experience any emotion, allow yourself to move with it.
  • Come back to your body, that’s where the magic lives. Find the magic inside. The more you feel it inside, the more it shows up on the outside.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Charan%20Surdhar%2C%20Epigeneticist%20and%20Author” text=”%3Cp%3ECharan%20Surdhar%20originally%20trained%20as%20a%20human%20geneticist%2C%20and%20worked%20at%20the%20Birmingham%20Childrens%20Hospital%20for%20over%2010%20years%20where%20she%20was%20responsible%20for%20identifying%20unknown%20DNA%20mutations%20in%20children%20and%20their%20families.%20Charan%20teaches%20her%20clients%20how%20to%20unleash%20their%20own%20healing%20potential%20through%20the%20power%20of%20energy%20medicine%20and%20recent%20scientific%20discoveries.%20As%20well%20as%20being%20an%20author%2C%20Charan%20also%20creates%20her%20own%20animation%20videos%20which%20are%20well%20worth%20checking%20out%20on%20her%20YouTube%20channel.%20Visit%20Charan’” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]


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