3 Ways to Ease Into a BIG Shift






Sooner or later everyone experiences a BIG Shift. Whether it's a major life change or an unexpected crisis, you're sure to be presented with an opportunity to take a quantum leap in your world.

Though a BIG Shift can initially feel like a destructive force in your life – tearing down in a flash things that have taken you energy and effort to create – you can choose to use it as a growth opportunity.

Here are 3 ways you can ease into a BIG Shift:

1. Ask for support. It's great to be a giver, but if you have trouble asking for help, you create an energetic imbalance. Life is an ongoing exchange. Sometimes you're the giver. Sometimes you're the receiver. BIG Shifts are a tremendous opportunity to receive. Plus, receiving gifts the giver. Think of how wonderful it feels when you give. Do you really want to deprive those who care for you the blessing of being there for you? I think not!

2. Design a high vibing environment. Your environment can either help or hinder your BIG Shift. Make sure that your living space nurtures you and that the people in your every day world are high vibing. Eliminate energy drains, whether it's clutter in your environment or people that siphon your life force. BIG Shifts are dynamic environments of massive growth. Just like plants need sun, water and soil to grow so do you need life giving energy sources to power up your transformation.

3. Allow yourself time to process. Big shifts have their own rhythm. This is profound stuff.It takes whatever time it takes. Sit in silence. Engage in a practice that opens your flow and your access to white space. This is a time for clearing out the inner clutter and embracing a less is more approach. Tune in to your new sense of timing. Things may take longer and your own rhythm may change. Honor the process and your own way of moving through it.

Some of these recommendations may be a stretch for you, but I guarantee that if you are willing to engage just ONE of these your massive change will start to flow. Ease into your BIG Shift.

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  • Alisha says:

    LoveLoveLove that you reminded us that it takes time to extract and integrate the shift-process. Gotta trust the process! You are a jewel—thanks Adela

  • Wonderful! Being willingly in The Slowdown that always comes before The Shift is so essential. Patience and trust in the process that is unfolding allow us to be resting with quietly JOYful anticipation! xo

  • Michelle says:

    Adela and all, my big practical shift is letting go of a relationship I have outgrown, but the other side shift is asking for support. I have always been highly independent and not very close with my family. I often go through major changes mostly alone, I just buck up and do it. I have a great reservoir of strength that goodness, but I am aware this keeps people at arms length.

    Any suggestions for asking for support in a way that can be heard and received? I am even feeling vulnerable asking in this context, but at least I know it is a safe one to practice! Wishing everyone ease with their Shift. With light, Michelle
    Michelle recently posted…Will You Answer the Call from Destiny?My Profile

    • Adela Rubio says:

      Thanks for the willingness to ‘ask,’ Michelle. Here’s how I’d approach it:

      1. Invoke energetic support. The first place I’d start is energetically launching the intention that you are supported in ALL ways and expect to receive it.

      2. Be specific. Think of specific ways that you would like to experience the support. Be VERY specific about how this will look and feel.

      3. Look for the opportunities to receive. Notice where there is an opportunity to ask. It’s just like when you buy a car and then you see that car everywhere. The focus alone, will start bringing it into your field of possibility.

      If you want more specific feedback, make sure to check in on the next call. Thanks for the great question, Michelle.
      Adela Rubio recently posted…Relax. Everything Changes.My Profile

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