3 Habits That Will Turn a Crisis Into an Opportunity

There is no doubt that recent events highlight we are in times of deep transformation. It doesn't matter which side of the fence you're on in the recent US elections. Crucial causes are being challenged. The shadow side of the human experience is playing out in schools and on the streets. Tensions are high, fear is rampant and emotions are on the loose.

As a veteran of BIG Shifts – not only a house fire a few years ago that turned my pleasant life upside down, but decades of overcoming crises and turning tribulation into transformation – I can assure you that all is not as bleak as it seems.

Though the media and your social media streams may have convinced you we're in a doom and gloom scenario, don't believe the hype. The truth is that it's a habit to focus on what's wrong. You are not alone in this. We've got millennia of habits to overcome. You can be a force for change right now. It's not difficult at all.

Here are 3 habits to help you turn a crisis into an opportunity:

1. Use Your Breath as a Consciousness Shifting Tool. This sounds too easy to be true, but it's not. Whenever you find yourself caught up in worry, blame, fear or anger bring your attention to the flow of your breath. Notice how your in-breath moves from your belly to your lungs. Notice the flow of your out-breath from your lungs to your belly. Slow and steady. Notice your breath, the come and go, the ease and flow. Notice where it's sourced from. Imagine the Creator (or the Cosmos) is breathing you into being. Every breath you are infused with the Essence of Life, like a magical elixir, making you anew.

The challenge is in focusing on your breath and only that. The habit is to let your mind run like wild horses. Every time you find yourself speeding off with a million thoughts bring your focus back to your body and breath. Be loving but firm, just as you would when teaching your child. At the core your focus is gentle and resolute. Your breath has the power to shift your emotions instantly. It is a consciousness shifting tool that is always with you. Use it.

2. Shift Your Focus To What You're For, Not Against. If you tune into the world around you most of the time the tendency is to complain, bitch and bemoan the circumstances. It's all about pointing the finger to the external world. This is an exercise in futility. You can't change the world, however, you can with practice change your default response.

The other habit to shift here is to focus more on the things you want, and less on the things you don't want. I know this runs contrary to the norm, but you're not one of the unconscious masses. You are willing and able to be the change in your own home, community and corner of the world. The big changes don't happen because of one person. Big changes occur when we reach critical mass. When enough of us focus on the world we want to inhabit, and not the one we may find ourselves in, it creates change for all of us.

3. Upgrade Your Circle of Influence. This habit can be the toughest one to wrap yourself around, but here goes. Notice the people that you spend the most time with. This includes your family and friends, colleagues and clients. It especially includes your social media connections. Take the pulse on how you feel when you're around these folks. When you're with friends and family do you feel supported and uplifted? In your work world, are your colleagues and clients (or your workplace) inspiring and meaningful? When you read posts on your timeline do they infuse you with promise and possibility? Are your connections feeding your life or depleting it?

It's not easy to let go, or curtail, connections that might have sustained you in the past. The truth is that the people in your world are an environment that can nourish you or diminish you. Choose to surround yourself with those that invite you to be more of who you really are. It's the most graceful way to navigate the massive wave of transformation we are all on.

One of the best things you can do during tumultuous times is to develop new habits that support who you are becoming. It takes practice, but I assure you that when you take on these 3 habits things will shift in glorious ways.

Most of all, in trying times be the light. Right now… focus on the infinite wave of love that is you, me, all. Radiate that love as if you were the sun itself. Seeing and feeling it touch everything, everyone, everywhere.

Claim and activate your own light and share it with others. Every act of love shifts the frequency of our world. Be the light, darlings!

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