Welcome to our warmup series for the 21-Day BIG Shifts adventure. Listening to these guided experiences and capturing your (1) Intention, (2) Vision and (3) Agreements will create a more powerful experience for you and the BIG Shifts community.

Warmup #1. Clarify your BIG Shifts Intention.

4 Ways That Handwriting in Your Journal Impacts Your Brain
Journaling: Mind Dump or Evolutionary Tool

Warmup #2: Explore your BIG Shifts Vision.

Resources:How to Tap Into Your Vision From the Field of Possibilities

Warmup #3: Review Your BIG Shifts Agreements.

Resources:3 Ways Your Energy Is Trapped By Old Agreements

Thanks for partnering on the BIG Stuff!

Adela & Simone

  • Stevie says:

    Dear Simone and Adela,
    I am sorry I missed the live, but was with you in spirit the day after…feels live still…My experience was expanding and allowing like the dandelion blowing apart (my dense physical parts) and yet it was all a contained expansion of my-Self as I invited my Divine Essence to come more deeply into my cells. It reminded me of the Phillip Pullman’s sense of our “dust” coming apart and becoming a part of All that is, yet at the same time, still being big enough to hold it all. It’s all inside…
    Thanks guys!
    Love you.

    • Simone says:


      Ahhh, the defining moments of transformation… what a delightful description … thank you for sharing and making it real all over again :-))

      I don’t know of Phillip Pullman … I’m curious to dive deeper … as I tune in I feel/hear “dust in the wind”

      I look forward to intersecting over the course of this BIG Shift Adventure!


  • Stevie says:

    I like the “ALL we ARE is…”dust in the wind” analogy too, and yes it is a similar metaphor. Phillip Pullman is the author of the trilogy “His Dark Materials”, the first of which was made into the Movie, The Golden Compass….my son took me into that world, and I find it fitting for some aspects of my own journey Home. Pullman’s sense is that Dust is the core of ALL that is…when in form it becomes matter, when free it is spirit. When we die, he speculates that our Dust flows apart and rejoins All that is , once again becoming a part of the whole. His books are for pre-teens…and the main wise characters are children.

    I will join the calls whenever possible over the next month as I am right with you on this BIG SHIFT journey Home. Thanks again to both of you for this offering. Adela has been a part of my tribe on my own journey these past four years, I AM grateful!

  • Angela says:

    …desire to move! laughter… perfect timing again for me. I am smack in the center of my acceptance and movement and this is confirmation…thank you.

  • Jackie says:

    Good Morning! I just now listened to #2, Simone as always when you do that centering meditation, it’s so powerful! I was just floating away pretty much the whole time, I was out in another dimension feeling so happy. Even now thinking about it I have goose bumps all over my body. A little later in the call I looked out my window into the pine trees and saw the “gratitude sign” in the tree. I started to get very emotional, and it was just before the women also was having an emotional moment! Awesome Simone, thank you!

    • Adela Rubio says:

      Welcome, Jackie! Glad your experience was grand.

    • Simone Peer says:

      E(nergy in)-Motion … buckled up in the ‘car’ on the biggest roller-coaster ride, EVER … gotta love when life smiles back in nature … grateful for you moving that BIG Shift into Adventure, Agreement and Activation!!!

  • ursula says:

    very useful comment about not needing to recreate the difficulty when something has resolved with ease. a very good reminder.

  • Adela Rubio says:

    Thanks for checking in, Ursula. Glad it sparked the remembrance.

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