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Daily Shift: Find Time for White Space



BIG Shifts require a break from your every day world. You need down time – white space – to notice, process and integrate. Take time to rest, relax and restore. Daydream, read, play, lie on the couch. You get to choose how to use your white space. It should elicit a sense of freedom and be absent of any ‘have to's.' It's more a ‘nowhere to go, nothing to do' kind of vibe.

The worst thing that you can do is be a busy bee. This is a time shaped by less is more.

Major breakdown can create a major breakthrough, but you've got to be willing to experience the shift. The disintegration of your world, or some aspect of it, is a call for composting of what was and what is to create what wants to be.

You can find specific tips on how to do that in this post,  4 Ways to Create White Space for Your BIG Shift. There's a guided energy shift included.

Let's toast to the new, coming through you!

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