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4 Ways Words Can Spark Up Your BIG Shift

A_picture_is_worth_a_thousand_wordsWords are powerful medicine.

They have the power to awaken, encourage and even inspire you to do things beyond your capacity.

Don't you want to access this level of power during your BIG Shift?

Remember a time when you were the recipient of  kind words. It could have been a teacher that singled you out for a special acknowledgement, or maybe recognition at work for a job well done. Words create a ripple effect that can impact your world in powerful ways.

The converse is also true. Think of moments when you indulged in criticism or found yourself complaining incessantly about something? What happened to your energy? Did you find that your outlook took a downward spiral?

Your energy is powerful and your words embody energy. Whether you choose to go positive or negative, you will find your energy expands in that direction. Energy flows where focus goes. What if you could direct the outcome of your BIG Shift by choosing words that powered up your being?

The words you speak become the house you live in. ~ Hafiz

Words are way more than a means of communication, they shape your beliefs, behaviors, feelings and ultimately your actions. Your words can either magnify problems or invoke possibility.

Here are 4 ways that you can use the power of your words to spark up your BIG Shift:

  1. Engage the energy of your words. The energy of your words is JUST as important as the actual words. You know that the delivery of a phrase can vary depending on the inflection and tone used. So too it is with the energy upon which your words ride. Your energetic intentions are just as important as the words themselves.
  2. Before speaking consider ‘who you are being.' You can quickly determine your state of consciousness by how you express yourself. Your words can either open or constrict, not only you but also those around you. Consider yourself from the most expanded aspect of your being – the brilliant and magnificent YOU – and deliver your words from the highest vibration possible.
  3. Speak your power words frequently. There are certain words that light you up and turn you on. Make sure they're part of your daily lexicon. Notice when a new ‘power word' arrives on the scene. You'll know it's yours because it energizes and expands your senses. Just saying the words will bring you joy.
  4. Bless everything. The good stuff and the not so good stuff. Utter blessings, and express your appreciation to everything and everyone you encounter. Write a letter to Life right and list ALL your blessings. Blessing connects you to the sacredness in everything. By blessing, you are blessed.

Words are powerful containers for energy and possibility. Choose words that expand, enlighten and energize you and those around you. You'll zoom through your BIG shift when you use the power of your words for love and for light. Yeah, baby, you've got that kind of power.

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