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Daily Shift: Smile a Lot!


When you're going through a BIG Shift it may not seem like the happiest of times. Actually, you're more likely to experience stress and an array of negative emotions. That's when the super power of your smile can help you shift your state instantly.

Do you know you were born smiling? 3D Ultrasound technology has now determined that babies come in with a smile.  Do you know that children smile more than 400 times per day? No wonder being around children is often an uplifting experience.

There have been numerous studies that prove smiling actually changes your brain. Smiling reduces stress and enhances your physical well being.  The simple act of smiling leads to not only feelings of happiness, but activates the feel good chemistry in your body.

And … we can all tell the difference between a felt or a fake smile. Make it real.

Check out Ron Gutman's TED talk to dive into the power of smiling. Today, share those smiles!

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