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Daily Shift: Don’t Focus on Money. Focus on What’s Meaningful.


BIG Shifts can shake up your money situation. It can be pretty scary, too. Here's the thing, money is a spider web of entanglement. It's tied into your sense of safety and security and your sense of worth and accomplishment. So when your money gets mangled it's easy to see how you can lose your sense of certainty in the world.

There is NO accident that this is occurring. This is one of the primary programs that is ready for an upgrade. Doing things for the money – whether it's a job, a client, or a program – when your values, heart and passion are not aligned with it, are a clear sign that you are out of integrity.

If you are someone whose business IS the work of transformation this simply won't do. At some point something will occur that will force you to line it up. Either you'll lose business or you won't be able to muster the energy to do it anymore. Alignment is crucial in our line of work.

So … don't focus on the money, focus on what's meaningful. The former will lead you into the swampland of fear and the latter will strengthen your intuition and trust. You know where the true treasures lie, right?

This is a scary subject for many but it's time to clean up the old money karma. Let's do it, yes?

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