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Daily Shift: Go on an Artist Date


One of my most creative periods was during the 80's when I discovered Julia Cameron's book, The Artist Way. It changed my life. I lived in New York City at that time and it was a cornucopia of daily adventures. I'd go sightseeing every day. Visit museums, parks, landmarks. Go exploring in Little Italy, Spanish Harlem and Brooklyn Heights. It was one of the most exciting times of my life and it was all in my back yard.

An Artist Date is a way of ‘wooing your consciousness.' It moves you into the play of creativity, instead of the work of creativity. Julia Cameron calls it drawing on your inner well vs fishing in your inner well. It's a way to refill your consciousness.

Watch Julia Cameron's short video on the Artist Date.

Today, go on an Artist Date. Make it a weekly practice. It will change your life!

Make sure to tell us where you'll go on your Artist Date today, or check back in and update us when you do.

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