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BIG Shifts Chat: Bobbye Middendorf

bse-bobbyemiddendorf-alreadyperfect “Everything in my reality dropped away. It wasn't a loss. It was a moving of the every day world, and the outer markers were gone.”

So began our wonderful conversation of Bobbye Middendorf's BIG Shift story. After a successful background in corporate publishing and freelance copywriting and marketing, Bobbye traveled to India with her family.  Although it wasn't a spiritual journey, Bobbye found herself dangling over the void, the creative chaos of re-invention.

Here are some highlights from our conversation.

  • Hold the sacred seed of your BIG Shift.
  • Sometimes a BIG Shift doesn't look like much on the outside, but inside it's a tsunami.
  • BIG Shifts are an opportunity to shift into a deeper experience of yourself.
  • Many of us have a thirsting curiosity and hunger around what makes things work.
  • Go deep first, to create what matters most.
  • Although her new body of work has not completely materialized, she has a container with concrete steps to pour in her blessings and share with others.
  • Most of us want to make some corner of the world a better place, creating a world that works for all.
  • The BIG Shifts community is creating a safe container to share the best of what works. That level of sharing is how we're going to emerge.
  • There is a growing yearning for wholeness, for growth.
  • You are already whole, perfect and complete. You are perfect just the way you are. You are whole, you are holy.
  • Love who you are, in this moment.
  • You get what you expect. You can make transformation hard. However, there is no instant gratification. You must experience it.
  • The Buddhists have it right: You have inspiration, then you sweep the floor.  You can still sweep the floor with joy. It's both/and.
  • Pay attention to the pleasant moments.
  • The bigger picture is inviting us to play and there IS the moment to moment task of living.
  • These are the times we were made for.
  • The BIG Shifts are “us” on our growth path.
  • Explore the edge. Love the edges.
  • Let the polarities hold hands.

Enjoy our BIG Shifts chat below and please share your insights from the call.

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