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Daily Shift: Evolve Your Story


Ever experienced something and vowed you'd never go through that again only to find yourself in the same situation, with perhaps a slightly different context?

It could be something like having the same kinds of issues with different people or partners, or maybe you run into the same kinds of problems at work, even when you change jobs.

You can stop the repetitive cycle of recurring problems in your world when you're willing to explore the story that's playing underneath it all. If you're ready to play, pick one theme and try this …

1. Write out the story of what seems to be occurring.

2. Read the story out loud and notice where you feel a pull, something that catches your attention. Pull out those insights and jot them down on a separate piece of paper.

3. Suspend judgment – whether you think it's right or wrong  –  and open to a more empowering perspective of this story.

4. Re-write the story from an empowering perspective. Jot down the possibility that's wanting to be embodied through the repetition of these experiences. What is the invitation that is on offer?

If you want to amp up the power of this exercise partner up with someone and share with one another. This exploration will allow you to graciously explore the opportunities that are often disguised as a problem. When the same issue reappears in your world – over and over – it's an invitation to evolve.

I'd love to hear what you notice.

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