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How to Quickly Do an Energy Clearing

meditationwomaniconcropMost of us have the ingrained habit of holding onto things way past their shelf date.

We hold on to so many things that cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering. Instead of allowing ourselves to be stress free and happy we cling to the old and familiar ways of doing and being.

I'll never forget this statement I heard at a 12-Step meeting, it so reflected my own insistence on hanging onto everything, even if it didn't serve me:

“Anything I ever let go of has claw marks on it!”

Not anymore. Today is the day to give up on all those things that no longer serve you, and embrace change. Ready?

Energy Clearing Exercise

Here's a quick and easy way to clear up the negative energy that crops up when you're going through a BIG Shift. This exercise will clear out old energy and make way for the new:

1. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Bring the focus of your awareness to the source of your breath and notice how easily you can direct it or witness it.

2. Imagine a huge white screen in your inner field of vision. Feel your body relax, release and open to the flow of infinite energy moving through you on every inhale and exhale. Feel yourself as the vital flow of life.

3. Practice the Infinite Breath. This is really easy. Allow your breath to deepen and lengthen. Imagine that your in breath begins to draw the first half of an infinity sign. Pause at the juncture where the lines cross and feel yourself as the physical embodiment of the intersection of matter and infinite energy. Exhale as you complete the infinity sign. Do 4 cycles of breathing, or continue breathing until you feel the outside world dim and your inner world come front and center.

4. Direct the flow of the energy. Chances are you're good to go. If there's still some lingering energies that you'd like to shift focus your attention and direct the flow energy to where you're feeling the density. Allow each energy charged breath to clear and free it. Feel the lightness. Notice how peaceful and pleasant it feels.

This exercise works on several levels. It induces a state of relaxation. In this restorative space your energetic template gets realigned to its original brilliance. The image of the white screen creates a state of witnessing, while the deep breathing clears your emotions.

Use this whenever you feel negative energy. Focusing on the energy that detracts from your being will only attract more negative energy. To avoid being affected by it, clear it with the above exercise. Invoking expansive states of being instantly shifts your energy and what's possible.

How do YOU quickly clear low vibe energy? Post below.

3 Shifts to Support Your BIG Leaps

115323297_44572f4e54_oIt takes energy to navigate the BIG Shifts and turn them into BIG Leaps.

How can you free up some rocket fuel for the adventure?

Surrender some of the inner constructs upon which your world is founded. The more you are willing to let go of what you know, the sooner the new can make it's way to you.

Here are 3 shifts in perspective that will increase your energy, unleash your flow and activate your BIG Leap:

1. Life is perfect as is.

When you've taken a big detour in your world, and things are out of whack, creating your own reality can seem like a seductive solution.

Have you ever noticed that creating your own reality can bring on as much angst as the BIG Shift you're wanting to make?

You don't have to create your reality, you just have to cleanse your senses to feel the reality and its psychedelic beauty, its colorfulness, its greenness, its aliveness. Osho

The next time you find yourself forcing the reality creation let go of the need to make it happen and partner on the flow.

2. Welcome the discomfort, as well as the delight. When you get upset about change it’s usually that you have an attachment to what you already know. This is the biggest landscape for transformation.

Instead of avoiding discomfort, dive deeply into it. I promise that you will come through it more of who you truly are than you were going in. If you’re afraid, plunge off the precipice. If you’re uncomfortable, welcome the potential that is pulsating at the edge of your awareness. Stuff happens, move onto the next moment. Change IS freedom! Movement is YOU!

Please, don't walk around as a human doing. Wield your power and embrace the alivening genius of your dynamic being.

3. Answer the call of your unique genius. Those who create great shifts, start a movement or spark breakthroughs, walk along the path not travelled. Some may consider that you need great courage to choose to walk where no one treads. It ain't necessarily so.

It's not about courage and conviction, it's more about what's compelling. Something beckons to you, silently or forcefully, that you must say “YES” to. It doesn't matter if there's any physical confirmation that this is the road to take. You don't flinch when others don't see it your way. There is something that you know, even when you don't have any evidence. It's as if your body moves you, of its own will, along a trajectory that propels you to an unknown destination. You just know that you must.

So it's not about mustering up anything, it's about following the energy of what calls to you at your core. It may not be comfortable, it may be downright unpleasant, but you can't just say “No.”

Tune in and sense your co-creative partnership with life. Feel the delight in being. Wonder is the frequency of your innate essence. The real ‘you' comes alive in being. Partner with your vision of life.  Awaken to BEing.

The precipice of true freedom is poised at this inner gateway. Nothing out there is holding you back, the biggest barrier to your essential freedom is you and you can certainly shift that.

What BIG Leap are you ready to make? Please share below.

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