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Daily Shift: Do What You Love


Do what you love. Simple enough, right? Then why is it that so often what you love to do is left for last … when you have time, when the kids are off to college, when you retire, etc. Don't you want to do what alivens you?

Here's another news flash: You don't need a plan or a reason to do what you love. The moment you feel the need to justify what you're doing for some external result you've moved into the realm of the ego, your small self. That is not where love lives. And love is what powers up your being and your life. The right time is now and the right reason is because you love it.

When you love something it is a living thing. It has energy, it's alluring, it's irresistible. It doesn't matter whether it's dancing or drawing, reading or writing, singing or sightseeing, or spending time with loved ones.

If you're low on energy – down, depressed, dejected – the energy of love is an instant lift. It aligns you with your true Essence and what really matters. It is VERY important to do what you love every day when you're in the midst of a BIG Shift. It will bring you back home – to your true Self – every time.

There IS time every day to experience what brings you total joy. What do you LOVE to do? Do it today and every day!

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