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Daily Shift: Connect Essence to Essence


BIG Shifts are sure to press the buttons of some of your old programming. When you're in a place of massive change and uncertainty your fears are sure to arrive on the scene. This can seriously impact your ability to navigate the unknown with ease and grace.

It's highly probable that when you're in this disconnected state you will say and do things from a state of diminished capacity. This can prove especially troublesome with the people in your world. When you're cut off from your natural brilliance – your Essence – you don't come from a place that's true. So, to move through a BIG Shift with clarity and confidence connect Essence to Essence.

Dictionary.com describes Essence as the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing. You might think of it as a heart to heart connection. Whatever you call it, know that when you connect with someone or something from it's authentic nature you tap into the cosmic connection. You know we are one, this is how you partner with everything!


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