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HOA: BIG Shifts Themes

Here's the raw video from our Hangout on Air (HOA) on the BIG Shifts Themes. Enjoy!

Here are the members of BIG Shifts Transformation Team that participated:

Jodi Lilly, Light in Motion

Rose Diamond, Tribe in Transition

Bobbye Middendorf, Write Synergies Copywriting Website

Roy Montero, Speed Relationship Guy

Thank you, ladies and gentleman, for an awesome conversation that sparked ideas for many more. I appreciate your willingness to come early and work out the technology. Love your leading edge style, LOL!

Heart kudos to the amazing connection skills of Roy Montero, thanks for guiding me – step by step – through the Hangout on Air (HOA) process. This would have been a tad overwhelming without you. 🙂

Daily Shift: Connect With Your Own Tribe


There is nothing that will catapult your evolution like connecting with a like-minded community that shares an aligned intention. You've heard the perennial wisdom ….

When one or more or gathered in my name, there am I.

Your success is dictated by the 5 people you spend the most time with.

It's true. I've experienced this in my own life. The same holds true for online community. I've hosted 18 virtual events and the shifts that occur in my community are astounding. The added benefit of an online community is that it's easily and highly accessible, anywhere or anytime. Hence, you can ‘find' your tribe.

If you're lucky enough to have local family and friends that get who you are and honor it, dance in the bliss of it! If you're a strange ranger, lone ranger type who's highly aware and not into surface fluff it may be a bit more challenging to find your kind of peeps. The world seems to be rife with superficial connection. Some of us are made of deeper stuff.

If you want to engage the evolutionary adventure of vibrant and visionary living join the BIG Shifts G+ Community. Juicy conversations are yearning to be, and powerful conversations create deep transformation.

Join us on today's live 9am ET Group Shift Activation call to experience it for yourself!

Here are some additional times today to participate in the power of aligned community:

4pm ET. BIG Shifts Chat with Bobby Middendorf. Hear her BIG Shifts story + insights and practice. (30m) 425.440.5100, 611586# Or, you can attend via web.

5pm ET. BIG Shifts Google Hangout. An opportunity to explore the hidden opportunities in the BIG Shifts Themes. Adela and members of the Transformation Team. (30m) Join us!

I'd love to hear what you notice in the comments below.

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