Have you ever had a life experience that stopped you in your tracks? There was no escape, you had to deal with things that were challenging and you did.

Everyone experiences BIG Shifts… a natural disaster, a health or family crisis, the loss of a relationship, or your business.

Life happens. Sometimes in a BIG way. These moments are powerful portals to quantum leaps in your Life. These opportunities are perfect to hone your mad Jedi skills.

Group energy is rocket fuel for times of massive transition, it amplifies your intention and energy and makes for powerful and graceful shifts.

The BIG Shifts Event is a message and a movement of deep transformation and an invitation to personal and collective  evolution. If you're interested in joining our transformation team and participate as a speaker or promoter, read on!

How the Event Works

The primary objective for this event is to share how BIG Shifts can be an opportunity for awakening and to create a BIG Shifts Resource& Library with powerful tools to help others shift.

Our collaboration is in a 10-day format where I'll share the partner interviews to explore the 5 BIG Shifts themes. These 30-minute chats will explore how partners navigated their BIG Shifts and share a tool or process that was indispensable.

I will lead two LIVE calls at the beginning (Nov 28) and end (Dec 13) of the event.

Ready to partner on the BIG Shifts Event?
Complete the application below.

BIG Shifts Event Nov 28 thru Dec 13

  1. Fill out the Partner Form and schedule a chat with Adela. On our chat we’ll explore the content for your BIG Shifts Interview where you’ll: (1) Share your BIG Shift story and insights garnered, and (2) Guide participants through a process, exercise, meditation or experience.
  2. We’ll then set a date for the 30-minute interview. Your audio interview and process will become part of the BIG Shifts library. It will be shared free of charge during the event, Nov 28 – Dec 13. Access to the BIG Shifts Library will be offered for sale. You receive 50% of any sale made through your affiliate link .
  3. ALL promotional material will be provided. You’ll receive a long and short solo email, blog posts, social media posts and more.
  4. Partners will share via solo email and social media. Social media support throughout the event is appreciated.

Are you a YES!? If so, please complete the form below. You’ll be routed to my scheduler upon completion.

Complete the BIG Shifts Partner Application
BIG Shifts Event Launch Starts Oct 1, 2013

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