Goddess Revolution Day 36: You Got To Have Friends


In Doorway 11 we find higher aspirations and social connections that enhance our lives. Friendship, groups, humanitarian causes, associations, wishes and dreams are found here. This is the Aquarius house of the astrology chart, ruled by the planet Uranus. This is the house where we meet others who are equals, and do something together. Group activities of all kinds are 11th house territory.

This is where you dream of a better world and join with others who are on the same wavelength, sharing the your ideals. This is where wishes come true. This is literally the energetic climate in which your dreams can become reality.

Friendships can range from close friends to acquaintances, with whom you share common interests. These are the people that you find easy to be around and whose company you enjoy.

This is the house of hope and possibility, wild imagination and the power and promise of the people, and what can happen when we join forces.

As the old song goes, “You’ve gotta have friends…” Friends are your reward for being yourself. Friends are like family you’ve chosen. Your family members may see things differently than you do but they are your family, so you deal with it. You bond with friends because you get along, they love and accept you for who you are, you enjoy their company, and there is a mutual admiration for one another.

Close friends may as much or more about you than your mate, and play a special role in your life. When you are in school, it is easy to meet people with whom you have plenty in common. As you became an adult and took on more responsibilities, like career, committed relationships with mates, maybe a baby or two, it can be more of a challenge to meet others who not only share your interests and concerns, but are friend-worthy.

Even when you do find those special people you feel resonance and attraction enough to explore a friendship bond, it takes effort to form and maintain friendships, as an adult. There are so many other things that occupy your time and attention. However, the benefits of friendship make it worth pursuing and finding the time to spend together. Studies have shown that those who make time for their friendships are happier, healthier people.

The Goddess of Now says cherishing your friendships turns up the volume on what’s good and of value in your life. Your friends remind you of the things that are important to you, as an individual. When your life goes out of balance from too much work, or family issues, or whatever it may be, your friends can help you come back to center.

The Goddess says friends can help you to come back to your true self when the world is pulling you this way and that. They are there to lift your spirits, remind you of your sense of humor, show you compassion, and the joy of companionship.

Creative Exploration: Friends

Before you dive into today's writing take a moment to imagine a perfect pairing. Think of things in your world that go perfectly together – a good book on a rainy day, the perfect top for your favorite pants, the ideal companion for your next adventure. Notice the feel of perfectly timed and suited combinations. Imagine yourself surrounded by friends who are perfect for you, as you are perfect for them, in every way.

Through the Goddess lens of Companionship and Love, consider your relationship to friends. See if there is anything you would like to shift or upgrade.

Pick from the writing prompts below, or create your own. Write for 2 minutes (or more, if you like). Share your writing on The Goddess Revolution Facebook Group.


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