Goddess Revolution Day 32:
Access Your Feminine Wisdom


Have you ever felt at a loss when making an important decision, or embarking on a new pathway? We all have moments when we doubt our beliefs and our choices. Sometimes it's the abundance of choices that can be a stumbling block. In a world where answers can be gleaned with a quick Google search, you may even wonder why all the bother? Except it's your life and your choices. It's your adventure and it matters.

There are times when information won't do. The deeper questions and causes call for wisdom. Your feminine wisdom is the most reliable resource in supporting your best outcome. In the same way that your DNA contains information about your eye color and body type you also contain the wisdom of the ages. So, when your current worldview isn't working perhaps a shift in philosophy is at hand.

Vocabulary.com says, “The original meaning of the word philosophy comes from the Greek roots philo- meaning ‘love’ and –sophos, or ‘wisdom’. So, philosophy is the love of wisdom.

There have been many schools of thought on wisdom, the Greeks particularly reveled in exploring the meaning of life and humanity, but these were records and writings by men about men. Before God(s) there was the Goddess. Archaeology supports this claim, as most of the unearthed sculptures from the past 30,000 years have been of some form of the female form, the Goddess.

I know I’m in good company in The Goddess Revolution as a lover of wisdom. There is so much to know, and even the thought of digging deeper into what the arts and sciences really mean and say about us, as a society, is fascinating.

Doorway 9 offers us many outlets for learning and utilizing philosophy; higher education, travel to different countries and cultures, university, the law. Teachers and preachers and politicians all base their work and help shape society with their philosophies of what is of value.

For those of us who love to learn and explore the world of ideas, philosophy is heady stuff. Being in the company of others who are likewise inclined is my idea of good company.

The Goddess of Now says the Greek word Sophos, at the root of philosophy comes, from Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, who represents the feminine aspect in all things. Philosophy brings you into alignment with your own feminine wisdom in unexpected ways.

The Goddess says history is not her story. (She’s been saying this to me for weeks, now.) As you consider anything from a feminine angle, much more is revealed than the information that passed as wisdom that is written in history books and college texts. As you look at where you come from and what you value through your feminine heart, much more will be revealed to you.

Creative Exploration: Philosophy

Before you dive into today's writing take a moment to drop into the center of your being. Feel the wellspring of wisdom within you. Imagine that there is an infinite library. It goes on as far as the eye can see, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, comfy couches, and chairs, outdoor reading lounge with plants and a pond, gold spiral staircases, ladders to reach the books on high. Think of something that's been niggling at you, that you don't have the answer to yet. Find your way to the bookcase that calls to you. Find the book, open it and let your answer arise.

Through the Goddess lens of Wisdom and Grace, consider your relationship to philosophy. See if there is anything you would like to shift or upgrade.

Pick from the writing prompts below, or create your own. Write for 2 minutes (or more, if you like). Share your writing on The Goddess Revolution Facebook Group.


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