Thanks again for playing with power and pizazz during the BIG Shifts Writing Project. If you have benefitted from this program in any way I would appreciate hearing from you on the Feedback Form below. This writing project was a test run for a program that I’d like to see reach far and wide. I’ll be hosting it again in February. I will also continue sending a weekly writing prompt on Wednesday’s. I don’t charge for these programs. I feel strongly that awakening is a collective journey. There is no price on it. If you’d like to share your appreciation for what you have experienced (and pay it forward) you can:
  1. Give Feedback. This helps not only me but you. You get to claim the gifts you’ve received. Fill out the Feedback Form below.
  2. Share the¬†Writing Project (and the Facebook Group) with your friends. You can let them know the benefits you received and point them to the Writing Project registration page here…
  3. Send a love offering to my paypal address ( to defray the costs for the technology I use hosting these programs.
Writing Circles are a powerful tool, a sacred sisterhood, a circle that welcomes you home to your trueness. Welcome to the Circle, darling! Adela
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