Ready to Shift From Burden to Blessing?

Are you feeling worn down by all the negativity? Are you willing to be the shift and activate your own lightness of being?

In light of recent events I am answering the call for collective light by hosting a 5-day event called Blissings & Blessings. Instead of focusing on what's wrong, how about we focus on what's right?

This event is founded on a simple premise: every day you write a blessing for something, or someone, that needs blissing. It's an opportunity to find the blessing in whatever you're struggling with or to extend a blessing to someone in need.

Let's be a collective force of light, love and awakening!

NOV 21 - Nov 25

People have been saying blessings as far back as the first humans. Today we're discovering that besides being a transcendent act, blessings create molecular and physiological changes.

This is not airy fairy stuff, or even religious tradition. There is, in fact, scientific proof that our thoughts and our words dramatically alter the physical world.

You may have heard of the studies conducted by Masuro Emoto, a Japanese researcher. He has been studying the effects of thoughts on water by photographing the crystal structure of water, before and after being labeled with positive and negative words.

Water samples exposed to negative sentiments like "I hate you" or "You make me sick" took on random, disorganized appearances. Water that was exposed to words like "love", "thank you", or "peace" changed to beautiful, crystalline structures much like intricately designed snowflakes. Masuro Emoto created physical evidence with his photographs of how water reacts to thought.

If your words can impact water so profoundly, imagine what it can do to everything else in your world.

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Adela is a certified Evolutionary Coach, a masterful facilitator, a deep dive mentor and an expert community leader. She enjoys partnering with highly aware and creative entrepreneurs who are on for the adventure of awakening in all ways. Her favorite tools for transformation are Essence and Presence, which take the form of guided energy journeys, writing circles and gathering an aligned community.

She formerly led the Fully Alive Community at Coachville, and was also the Director of Coachville Chapters and Study Groups. She's the creator of the Enlightened Listbuilding Program where she shares (in exquisite detail) how to host Expert Interviews, 30-Day Events and  telesummits.

She's hosted and produced many, many, many virtual events and programs for the sheer joy of sharing her creative essence and eliciting yours. Life is a glorious adventure!


Adela is a natural "awakener"-facilitator who easily and effortlessly guides you to tapping into your true potential.

Alisha Lewis

It's your energy that creates a space for me and others to connect with our own brilliance. It's your energy that is a catalyst for all of us to transform ourselves into something more. And ultimately it's your energy that shows us the "yes" of LOVE....the elixir of life.

More and more, I see that when I'm feeling good, and that includes feeling playful, I'm in my essence. Each time I join in the shifts I'm in a different space than last time, thus open to continuing the Great Adventure!

Sue Couch

Adela is a delightful, playful, powerful, wonderful soul. Her ability to move the energy and read the energy is very powerful. I would say that if you are ready to be in a powerful community of conscious creators this is one terrific playground to come play in!!

Teresa O'Neill

For 20 years, I worked in show biz as a professional actress, director and producer in LA and NYC. I came across some of the brightest and most talented people living on planet earth. Once I moved into the Spiritual/Reiki/Dowsing realm I met still more bright souls. One of the shining stars I met when I started The Pendulum Forum was Adela Rubio. She has been a member here from the early dawn. We have worked together on a couple of projects here on the forum. I have taken advantage of her tele-calls as well. I have witnessed her in action and it is a marvel to me. I have yet to meet anyone in my life with more WOW than Adela. Right hand to God. She really blew me away. And continues to blow me away. But, what makes her extra special, from my nest, is that she has not only overcome many challenges, but she doesn't hold any grudges, resentments or sorrows for the amazing lessons she has learned. She rocks with huge joy and enthusiasm for what's next. I don't think I have met too many people that walk the talk, honestly. She is one of them. She travels, she speaks, she teaches, and she shines her light in ways that jazz my soul. If you need help right now, the only Life Coach I know (that I would refer) is Adela. I know her and love her.

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

This been an amazing practice starting days in such a powerful, light place. Subtle shifts have occurred and when I look back over the 30 days I've taken a giant step into being at peace with what is, and curious what is inside the 'is'. Thank you so much.

Theresa Gooch

Adela Rubio always facilitates, love, laughter, honesty, Gratitude and most of all the reminder of the truth of who we really are.

Kristine Graham

I became a child of wonder as each day Adela enticed me to peek out from underneath the covers that I was hiding under. Each day was a baby step back into life. Your gift and legacy is LIGHT, never has the word 'YES' created such elation and synergy.

Dolly, 30-Day Participant

I’m grateful for the days I was able to make or listen to the calls! You have such a gift of affirming and inspiring and adding a spark to the day! My heart is lighter because of you and I can see through limited thinking. Hooray!

Lois Weber, 30-Day Participant

Adela, thanks so much for what you are doing and giving and sharing. I have loved my time with you and the group. It was synchronicity that found you for me, just what I need as I am moving through a health challenge. My lightworker energies are being blessed by you and the circle of friends.

Your work is important to me as it reinforces the "knowing" of the beautiful changes to come - Touching through Faith - Connecting to the Oneness - Stepping out, one by one. Thank you. Namaste.

Cynthia Knight, 30-Day Participant

Adela sees the light in each person with whom she connects. She is great at encouraging each person to let their light shine, to offer their gift to the world. Because she has experienced so much "life" in her years in a physical body on this planet, Adela "gets it." There is nothing like experience to open the door to communication, understanding, growth.

Nancy Barry, 30-Day Participant

Adela's expertise in facilitating flows from an imbuing of divine love manifesting into purpose. Her gentle, fun-loving personality enlivens while her deeper essence guides, directs, and sometimes redirects group energy collectively and individually. As she reaches out in invitation, she stretches heart and hand to offer a clear path for each to find his/her own way to the I AM presence within and without. Yet all is done with total honor for choice and freewill. Kudos, Adela!

Rayora Hartman, 30-Day Participant

Adela is amazing and now my role model as a facilitator. She is truly extraordinary and generously created such a brilliant, lovely, energetic space for us all to connect and expand so easily and effortlessly. I feel I have made a huge leap in coming into alignment with my boundless being. It is so much easier now to consciously choose my thoughts and quickly remember who I am and who I am not. This practice has dramatically changed my experience with all my relationships, but one very challenging one in particular. So beautiful now. THANK YOU AGAIN!


Ellen Schweickart, 30-Day Participant

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