2013 Big Shifts

Have you recently experienced a BIG shift, or looking to make one?

In your every day world it might have been sparked by …

  • Loss of a loved one or relationship
  • Loss of your home or your ‘treasured stuff'
  • Sudden and unexpected financial crisis
  • Deep uncertainty about your business or ‘body of work'

Life changing traumatic experiences can knock you on your knees, or they can be a pathway to remembrance and awakening. If you're still wobbling from a BIG Shift join a high vibing community to upgrade your perspective.

The BIG Shifts 21-Day adventure runs July 29th through Aug 26th. Calls are Mon thru Fri, 4pm ET, and last 20-30 minutes. We're hosting warm up calls to help you clarify your intention and craft your vision.

Register by filling in your name and primary email address in the web form on the upper right.

Let's navigate the BIG Shifts with grace, power and clarity.

Adela and Simone have led advanced coach and leadership trainings and retreats for several years. They delight in co-creating a fun and easy playground for the BIG stuff and are masterful energy facilitators.

adeladanceAdela Rubio is a Consciousness Catalyst, Evolutionary Coach, and Visionary Leader.

She is the host and producer of more than 15 virtual events and is an expert at helping clients leverage talent, tribe, and technology. She is also a two-time Amazon bestseller on the Trust Your Heart book series.

Her divine delights are facilitating transformative communities and teaching a select tribe of conscious change agents how to create powerful and profitable partnerships. Her earthly delights are writing, latin dance, and living deliciously!


simonepeerSimone Peer, pcc, pmc is a Consciousness Queen, Evolutionary Coach and Bad-A$$ Business Builder.

She is certified out the wazoo, a published author, a genetic entrepreneur, and the catalyst for over a 1000 lives and businesses transformed. Simone is also a Coach U Faculty member and Professional Mentor Coach.

Her divine delights are unleashing the majesty in her rebel, rule-maker, risk-taker clients and teaching lovers how to love, deeply; entrepreneurs how to succeed, profitably; and time-travelers how to live, in the now. Her earthly delights are living life as a paid vacation, as she gypsy travels around the globe, making memories, cultivating intimacy with people who matter most, and surrendering her trust to God, instead of herself.

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