Daily Shift: The One Breath Practice


My colleague Jodi Lilly turned me onto The One Breath, created by Core Love. When she told me it re-set your brain I was ALL in!

From my readings, it's based on the premise that motion is life, and that breath is the primary motion of life.

The timing and flow of the breaths is supposed to synchronize with the entire respiratory system, affecting the energy channels as well.

The One Breath

The One Breath uses 3 speeds of breath: MEDIUM, SLOW & FAST. It starts out going forward and then it takes you backwards to complete the cycle!

Each inhale completely fills lungs –breathe into the stomach and feel it expand on each inhale.

Each exhale completely empties lungs –tighten stomach muscles at end of each exhale.

Exhale through the MOUTH, emptying lungs completely MOUTH MOUTH – medium – (in/out)
MOUTH NOSE – slow – (in/out)
NOSE NOSE – medium – (in/out)
NOSE MOUTH – fast – (in/out)
MOUTH MOUTH MOUTH – medium – (in/out/in) NOSE MOUTH – slow – (out/in)
NOSE NOSE – medium – (out/in)
MOUTH NOSE – fast – (out/in)
MOUTH MOUTH MOUTH – medium – (out/in/out) Hold for 3-2-1
Relax stomach half breath in
Relax chest half breath out

Jodi guides us through The One Breath in this brief audio. Try it out and let me know what you notice.

[audio_player style=”1″ url=”https%3A%2F%2Fbigshifts.s3.amazonaws.com%2F141008-jodilily-onebreath.mp3″]
  • Thanks for sharing the how to audio. I think breathing is the first key step in any big shift. How great to know it resets the brain.

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