Daily Shift: Speak Your Truth


Energy IS required for BIG Shifts, a good amount too.

One of the focuses during our 30 days will be re-claiming your hijacked energy. Some of these places have deep grooves, they may have been your way of being for a loooong time. No worries, you can do it.

Today notice where, when and with whom you withhold your truth. It could be something small… the ways in which you hold back in certain situations or around specific people. It can also show up as secrets that you keep and the cover up behavior that follows. The underlying current is that others will not find you acceptable if you reveal what you truly think, feel or do. It could be something like…

  • hiding something you enjoy because of the disapproval of others
  • behaving differently, according to the company you keep
  • planning around certain people in your life, because otherwise it’s a nightmare

Little white lies, our little secret, omissions . . . you get it, right? This is an insidious pattern that robs you of your life force. It suppresses the wellspring of energy that is your birthright, energy that is required to craft the world you’re yearning to make real.

What truth are YOU ready to unleash? Huzzah, honeys! I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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