Daily Shift: Relinquish Your Resistance


Words are things, my friends, and this Daily Shift is explicitly purposeful in its use of ‘relinquish your resistance.'

Merriam Webster describes relinquish as “voluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up” and resistance as “refusal to accept something new or different.” I almost used surrender but it has such strong connotations of ‘less than' that I flipped my word pool.

With today's New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, it is a perfect day to reach into the recesses of the darkest corners within you and let it go. It is a perfect day to bring the light of awareness to what no longer serves you. It is a perfect day to relinquish your resistance to what wants to gloriously come through you.

It's not hard to do, either. Find a quiet space and feel the rhythm of your breath, come and go. Allow that sensation of come and go to release your resistance. Acknowledge that it is occurring and notice the awareness that arises in its stead. Then plant the seed of a new intention and feel it firmly nestled and nurtured. It's time to relinquish the old and receive the new.

Surrender is a power tool. Yes it is.

(You can catch the partial Solar Eclipse, if you're in North America, later today.)

Here are some tips on resistance:

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