Daily Shift: Laugh More


You may think you have this one down, but I’ll guarantee at some point during your BIG Shift you’ll be tempted to slip into seriousness.

When you are seeking ‘the truth,’ or trying to figure out which is the best path to take, or who to listen to, it can all get very deep and dark very quickly. It is a slippery slope, my friends. This is a path of polarity. It will bind you to the dense world of cause and effect, the mundane meanderings of one who is lost in the fog of surface reality. Do not follow this false path.

Laughter is one of the secret tools used by gurus, masters and enlightened teachers.  It frees your Essence. It opens you up on every frequency – your body, your mind, your spirit. Inspiration and insights are more likely to occur when you are open and free.

BIG Shifts can seem like serious business, and I’m not down playing it. However, you’ll be better served by seeing them as opportunities to something new in your world. There have been countless studies done on the effect of laughter on the body for serious illness. Lightening up is a path that will lead you through your BIG Shifts with clarity and confidence.

Here are some additional resources on laughter, with links to videos and some laughter practices that you can try on right now . . .

Laughter Elicits Your Innate Joy

Laughter is Serious Business

Do you find yourself taking these BIG changes too seriously? How do you shift it? I’d love to know, please post below.

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