Daily Shift: Be 100% Here


Ever had a conversation with someone and gotten so caught up in your own thinking that you didn’t hear a thing the other person said? Do you ever get lost because you’re so into the song on the radio that you totally blipped out on your next turn? These kinds of experiences are everyday occurrences, right? They are for the overburdened mind.

What if  you pulled your focus back HERE  when you felt a mental meandering coming on?

This isn’t as hard as it seems, even though at first it might feel like you’re trying to rein in a team of wild horses. Be gentle with yourself. For most of us it takes regular and consistent practice, a mere 5-10 minutes a day, to build the attention muscles. They’re what will help you see a new world.

Consider this also… YOUR ‘be here now’ can look and feel different than anyone else’s, though it may share similar qualities. Your ability to BE fully present is your own. Notice how it feels.

What are the sensations that occur in your body?

What are the thoughts, if any, that soar across the inner vision of your mind?

What things are you lead to speak, write, share, do?

Who are you when you are BEing?

These explorations are key in mapping out your own inner terrain. In this you are sovereign. Others can certainly be your companion on the adventure, but you make your own path. It’s the only way to shift your experience and create real transformation in your world.

Navigating your BIG Shifts with presence are what create rock solid certainty, and an experience of ease and grace, amid massive change no matter what the challenge. One of the themes in this series is that most of the speakers sharing their BIG Shifts have a solid set of transformation tools and practices that give them access to these expanded perspectives. Don’t let a BIG Shift catch you unprepared.

Today, use the practice shared by Rose Diamond, I Am Here, and share the vistas encountered on your adventure below.

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