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Find Your Power Pal and
Craft Your Agreement

1402028_45685628A while back I shared 5 Ways a Power Pal Can Help Create Massive Movement. Power pals have been one of my most powerful tools in creating a supportive environment for transformation and BIG Shifts. So, how do you find your own power pal and how do you get started?

1. Reach outside your inner circle. Try to partner with someone who is not a close friend, relative, roommate, or partner. You’ll see deeper benefits from your power pal relationship if it is free from attachments. Ideally, the foundation for this partnership should be that you both want to focus on your evolution. You’ll find that your power pal will evolve into a close friend naturally, which is an added bonus. But don’t assume your best friend is the ideal power pal. So, think of three or four people you know, but who aren’t necessarily in your inner circle yet. You could ask a classmate, a former colleague, or even the friend of a friend to be your power pal.

2. Set a schedule. Depending on your intention and the time frame you want to work with, determine the frequency of your calls. Identify what date and time you will connect. Decide who is responsible for initiating the call. Set ground rules about confidentiality, topics you’ll cover, and acceptable reasons to miss a call. Also, share what you both want to gain from the partnership and how you can support one another. You do not want this to devolve into a bitching session, and you don't want this to be ‘nice.' You want it to be True.

3. Keep your word. The power pal system only works if you work it. So, don’t take this on if you’re not willing to commit. You’ll only get out of the relationship what you put in. And though it may feel like work, once you and your power pal are up and running, you’ll experience the incredible power for yourself.

The Power Pal agreement is what creates the breeding ground of possibility. Whatever you're feeling personally you show up for the party. You both say, “Yes!” to the next and are willing to feel, sense and know and partner on the possibilities.

Here's my ACER Framework to navigate your power pal relationship:

  • Acknowledge Your Purpose. Explore  your reason for being in this partnership. Then tune into the aligned purpose of your partnership.
  • Craft an Agreement.  Decide who will be the scribe for this exercise. Include your intention and commitment. Determine the length, frequency and format of your sessions. Put it in a document, or note, and send it to your partner. Seal the agreement: either acknowledge out loud or sign the document. Honor your agreement.
  • Enjoy Your Connection. Schedule 30 minutes for your power pal Sessions. You can decide to each check in for 15 minutes, or allow yourself to be led by the flow. Focus most of the time on noticing where you're in flow and exploring it. Give some time to sharing what's not working and what's possible. Use ‘how you feel' to indicate when you're complete. Remember to celebrate the wins and the wows.
  • Revisit the Agreement. As you approach the end of your agreement take time to check in whether you need to continue, or whether you are complete for now.

And … there is no “right way” to do this, just find a flow that works for both of you. It may take a bit of work to find your perfect Power Pal but it’s worth it. You’ll find your confidence, focus and power grow and you’ll develop great trust that it all turns out. It is incredibly simple and yet magical.

Image: Love is all, Cécile Graat (Cieleke)

4 Ways to Create White Space for Your BIG Shift

file000939498220Can you imagine what music would be like with no rests? How about the way you change the meaning of a phrase by rearranging the pause between the words?

Every designer knows and values the power of white space. White space is the empty space between and around the elements on a page. It's the space with nothing in it. Although white space is made of nothing, it isn't meaningless. White space increases focus, brings more clarity and helps the important ideas on the page stand out.

White space works the same way in your world too. White space creates a context to experience the movement and meaning of your experiences. BIG Shifts, especially, are an intense training ground in which you are invited to let go of the noise and static in your world and bring in the white space.

White space is the space between your loads and your limits. It is one of the secret ingredients to go from struggling to succeeding.

So, if your BIG Shift has you feeling depleted, stressed, frustrated, and pulled in every direction, it's probably time to add in lots more white space. You'll know you're ready for it if you're experiencing:

  • Low energy and inspiration
  • Loss of clarity and ability to take action
  • Stressed relationships and environments

How much white space do you need? It varies. Sometimes you need more white space in your life than you require at other times. Thresholds aren’t easily measured. But becoming aware that you need white space can help you find your own bandwidth.

Ready to add white space to your adventure? Try out my ACE formula:

Announce. Let people know. Once you tell your clients and colleagues, family and friends, it is now a commitment. By letting others know about your revised schedule and availability, you are actually helping them support you on your white space intention.

Calendar. Put it in your schedule, electronic or paper. If it's in the schedule, it's in. It's easy to let the hours blend together, but when you have specific time set aside for being in the ‘nowhere to go, nothing to do' space it's bound to occur. Even better? Treat it ALL like white space and determine the times throughout the week when you ARE available, for the other stuff.

Enforce. You've got to stick to it. No flimsy boundaries here. One of the best ways to ‘enforce' it is to change environments so that you are unavailable. When you take time off, disconnect. It's in the full commitment to the white space that the magic occurs.

Here are some ways you can incorporate more white space into your day to day adventure:

1. Lighten your load. Streamline down to the bare essentials. Give your attention to what is absolutely necessary. Pare back your schedule, take more time off. Make sure that you take a “day of rest.”  Plan something that rejuvenates and nourishes you – a massage, bubble bath, relaxing music, or losing yourself in a good book.

2. Take white space breaks. Slow down and reconnect to yourself. Start and end your day with five minutes of pure white space. Between appointments, instead of a quick email check, take 2-5 minutes for white space.  Use the time spent drying your hair or preparing a meal, and bring a white space intention to it. Connect with your body, your breath, or a part of nature. Try Calm, a free application that provides a meditative moment. It's also available on your IPhone. This will help you click into a white space frame of mind.

3. Create white space in your home. Use colors that invite ease and openness. Declutter your space, clear up countertops and surfaces, even walls and furniture. Creating a “white space” in your home can help make your home more relaxing, more comfortable and more yours.

4. Cut down on the noise. It might be the noise in your inbox, or from well meaning relatives and friends or even shutting off the radio while your driving and playing some soothing tunes. Feel into the places where there's static and bring in some space.

Creating consistent white space is, at first, a practice. Eventually, it becomes your way of being. If you give yourself permission to relax you will find that you can create a lot out of nothing. White space anyone? Let me know how you create white space in your world in the comments below.

5 BIG Shifts Themes That Lead to Quantum Leaps


In the past 5 months I've been having lots of conversations about BIG Shifts.

Connecting with like minded colleagues who have navigated their own BIG Shifts seemed like an obvious path to explore. I know – from hosting 16 virtual events – that partnering on a powerful topic is a quick way to hone in on the themes you're likely to encounter. Plus I knew it was the best way to pool the collective wisdom of my brilliant colleagues.

As Theodore Zeldin put it:

“Conversation is a meeting of minds with different memories and habits. When minds meet, they don't just exchange facts: they transform them, reshape them, draw different implications from them, engage in new trains of thought. Conversation doesn't just reshuffle the cards; it creates new cards.”

5 BIG Shifts Themes

I'll be hosting a BIG Shifts series this fall, but in the meantime let me share the 5 BIG Shift themes you're likely to encounter. You might find yourself in one of these BIG Leap opportunities right about now:

1. Home. You might be up for a relocation, an upgrade or a serious reshuffling of your home environment. This includes not only the physical elements but the energetic elements of what creates ‘home' for you. There's a potential to move beyond home as a specific location and explore it as a state of being.

2. Body. If you've been buzzing along and treating your body like an after thought, get ready for a full out partnership. Your body is calling for a higher level of care and connection. This can show up as a health challenge, a desire to take better care of yourself, or even an adventure to rewire the tic toc of time. Reality is flexible and so is your body. Tap into the dynamic power of your physicality.

3. Business/Work. This may show up as re-branding in your business or leaving a job to start your own passion based business. It could also occur as a breakdown in your business, losing your job or clients and moving in a totally new direction. You explore new out of the box ways to connect with clients and customers. It's not the same old business anymore.  Your work must be sourced from a deeper place.

4. Money. Your relationship to money has changed. Money is not the focus, it is the by product or result of your work in the world. You find that you can't just do it for the money anymore, it must be connected to your passion and purpose. As your focus realigns to the bigger message of your work in the world, an abundance of opportunities, and money, flow to you.

5. Relationships. The time for surface connection is long gone, whether it's in business, family or your intimate relationships. A higher order of relating is yearning to be through you, so the typical qualities or values that might have worked before don't anymore. You don't relate to others from need, but from a desire to co-create.

Which area of your world is up for a BIG Leap? Make sure to post below and amp up your dynamic intention! Ready to take a leap in the quality of your day to day moments? Let me know what BIG Shift you're ready to dive into below.

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