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3 Ways to Invite Presence In Your Everyday Moments


Are you experiencing whiplash from the rate of change and yearning to find your own oasis of  peace and presence?

BIG Shifts invariably take you down the road less traveled.  The adventure of constant change can often prove far more stressful than you bargained for.

What if you could access a peaceful pool of presence in your everyday moments? What if access to infinite inspiration were within a moment's reach?

The greatest gift you bestow upon life is to fully and unabashedly own the light and truth of your own being. This doesn’t mean you are perfect. Quite the contrary, this sense of you is the fullness of your being. It is a pulsating rhythm, a heartbeat, that lives in this moment. It moves through you and is not ‘you,’ at least not the personal perspective of you.

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers. Thich Nhat Hanh

Presence isn't something you learn. It’s a discovery, an authentic expression of your true being. It is a nowhere to go, and nothing to do kind of experience. Your power, your presence is already here, perhaps momentarily forgotten. It is merely a remembrance, a ‘welcome home.’

Here are three ways to remember:

1. Turn off the auto pilot. Take your routine, every day activities and turn them into opportunities for presencing. It could be doing the dishes or driving the car, feel every action as if it were the first time you were doing it. Focus on the feel of every movement until you are in a state of heightened awareness.

2. Tune into the ‘feel’ of your presence. Get intimately familiar with who you are being. Feel the primal energy of you lining up, amping up, propelling your being into a powerful, vibrant, kinesthetic symphony of beyond the edge sensing and infinite knowing.

3. Open to Divine Downloads. Shift from horizontal to vertical awareness. Your mind works in the dimensions of the past and the future, a horizontal orientation. To be present and totally aware is to be in a state of spaciousness, dropping your intellect. This doesn’t mean you drop into a deep slumber, it is simply a move into a depth of understanding and perspective. When you move vertically that is a movement of consciousness, which is awareness.

Something so simple and so profound gifted to yourself, and thereby, to all changes everything. As you allow the truth of this moment to touch you, it ripples through everyone and everything that you touch. Today, honor the sacred presence of your being and so gift it to one another

4 Ways to Flex Your Self Forgiveness Muscle

BIG Shifts are chock full of opportunities for self forgiveness.

Tempers run short, emotions run high. You're bound to say, or do something, you won't feel particularly proud of.

There's probably no other time when you're prone to make more mistakes than usual. This being human gig takes practice.

Now, more than ever, is a perfect time to lighten up, especially with your own mishaps.

Here are 4 ways to flex your self forgiveness muscle:

1. Feel your feelings, but don't hold onto them. We all experience negative feelings: anger, fear, resentment. Welcome feelings, but then release them. The worst thing you can do is put those feelings on instant replay. It will only attract more of the same stuff. Let it in, then let it go. Feelings are part of the human experience. Allow them to inform you, not immobilize you.

2. Envision the Possible You. Especially during darkest times, hold fast to the vision of who you are becoming (as a consequence of this BIG Shift). Don't give energy to the negative aspect of your BIG Shift story. The less you say about and perpetuate the old story, the sooner you'll create the new one. Keep focused on the continuum of your expansion and expression. See yourself as the evolutionary being that you are.

3. Do Things That Make You Happy. Keep your poise and positive attitude and act as best you can moment to moment. Do little things every day that give you that cup runneth over feeling. It might taking a bubble bath, singing to your favorite songs, or going to a special place that you love. Going off on a weekly Artist Date is a great practice too. And, if you love company, make sure to invite a good friend to share it with you.

4. Engage in random acts of kindness. Even if it seems insignificant, devote yourself to giving selflessly. You may have lost things during your BIG Shift, but you did not lose your most precious resource: You! Share your gifts and talents and your joys and thrills. The more you share, the more that energy multiplies and ricochets back to you. The energy of giving is the most abundant force on the planet.

Forgiveness is a power tool that frees your energy and unleashes your creative essence. It also puts you in the present moment, instead of the past. It liberates you from the chains of the old and positions you on the pathway to the new.

Go ahead and play with self forgiveness today. Let me know what you discover in the comments below.

Forgiveness Frees Up Energy for Your BIG Leap

Ever had moments during your BIG Shift when you felt at the mercy of  the world? Someone didn't fulfill a commitment, plans fell through, or  an unexpected event occurred that had a disastrous impact on your world.

BIG Shifts can send your world into a tailspin, especially if you dwell on the downside of your descent. Stuff happens. But YOU keep it alive by turning it over in your mind relentlessly and talking about it incessantly, as if the bad news were gospel truth.

Here's your window of opportunity. Call in the power tool of forgiveness. Forgiveness helps to heal the perception of separation. It is an opening to the understanding of your essential connectedness.

The problem with the illusion of separation is that when you see others as separate, it makes real the idea of you as a separate being in your unconscious mind. It also keeps you in a position of being at the mercy of the world.

Quantum physics teaches that you cannot really separate one thing from something else. So … you are everywhere and, in fact, the world is not being done to you; it is being done by you. This makes forgiveness a snap, doesn't it?

I like the concept of Quantum Forgiveness from A Course In Miracles as it undoes the idea of separation (the ego) in your unconscious mind. This is because of an important energetic principle which A Course in Miracles puts this way:

‘As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself.  As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself.’

Through this kind of forgiveness you come to realize that the people you see out there are just split aspects of your own mind. Forgiveness is an invitation to awaken from the dream and return to what we really are… ONE.

Quantum forgiveness is a powerful tool because it is done at the level of the mind, which is ‘cause’ and not at the level of the world, which is ‘effect.’ It is not about giving up the world; it is simply changing your experience of it. This is not about fixing your life. It is about waking up to your life. When you give up the life you had, for the life that is possible, you are now in the playground of real power … a life at cause!

Changing your vantage point, changes the view AND the knowing. From there your seeing is dictated by true vision. Presto, change-o, just like that, everything's different. This kind of forgiveness is more about ‘right seeing.’

Forgiveness does not change the past,
but it does enlarge the future. Paul Boese

Forgiveness is vital to your personal evolution and impacts the ease with which you navigate your BIG Shift. It opens the floodgates to an abundance of ideas and resources. It opens the flow of what is naturally available to you.

Here are 3 ways to connect with forgiveness to help you do just that:

1. List 10 positive outcomes of your BIG Shift.  Chances are you've given plenty of energy to what's wrong about this BIG Shift. Take the time to notice what's right! Look for the silver lining, what positive possibilities are at play? From a big picture perspective, what is now possible because of your BIG Shift? Be willing to re-write the story of your BIG Shift.

2. Practice compassionate self care. If you've mused over your BIG Shift for a long time, realize that setting off on a new direction can take some time. As you try to make a new path out of the dark woods, you'll make mistakes. Be patient and kind to yourself. Extreme stress has a profound effect on the body. Give yourself time to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Don't bottle up the pain and discomfort. Allow the time and energy to process the massive changes in your world.

3. Bless your BIG Shift. When you start feeling down about your situation, send it light AND send a blessing. The energy of a blessing has two effects:  it neutralizes the toxic effect of negative emotions (which are stored in your body) and the blessings you bestow on the situation come back to you. It's an energetic principle!  As you shift from blaming to blessing you've accessed the most powerful pathway.  A word of warning: when you first try this, the “blessing” may feel contrived, empty, and even hypocritical but keep at it. Eventually, it will become your new way of being.

Forgiveness heals the illusion of separation and brings you to being at cause in your life, rather than at effect. Forgiveness frees others, but mostly, it frees YOU!

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