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4 Tips to Flexing Your Receiving Muscle

help-iconHave you noticed that a BIG Shift is a great opportunity to flex your receiving muscle?

If you're the self sufficient, self starter, get it done type this might prove to be a particularly challenging task. Not only do BIG Shifts require support, you also need to start asking for what you want and need.

Sometimes a BIG Shift can displace you for weeks, even months, and you may need ongoing support for a lot longer than you feel comfortable.

Depending on the nature of your BIG Shift you may need to ask for…

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Money
  • Clothes
  • Work
  • Emotional Support
  • And more!

How can you open to asking, and more importantly, to receiving? Here are 4 tips that can help you flex that muscle:

1. Acknowledge that you are worthy of love, care and support. This is at the core of the asking/receiving issue. In the same way that you readily offer a helping hand to those in need, you can just as readily open to receive. You are a beloved child of the universe, no less than the stars and the sun. You deserve care and support. Being willing to ask, and receive, will do more to ‘get this' than anything else.

2. Question the disempowering inner dialogue. Notice the thoughts and beliefs that pop up when you think about asking for help: “I need to handle this myself.” “I don't want to owe anyone anything.” “I'm a big girl, I can handle it!” The thoughts may come rushing in a jumble. Slow down and jot them down on a piece of paper. Notice where they're coming from. Is it from a past experience, parental programming or your heart? The source of the chatter will clue you in to the truth of it.

3. Get over the ‘mine' and ‘yours' paradigm. From the time you're very young you're trained to separate between what belongs to you and what doesn't belong to you. But consider this for a moment… if you go way back in time no one owned anything! Life abundantly provided resources, or you relocated to where the resources were. Ownership, though it's universally accepted, is totally a man made construct.

4. Relax into the feeling of receiving. Tune into the feeling of openness that is essential in order to truly receive. Allow the opening to be available to receive. Relish it. Enjoy it. Bask in it. Notice how awesome it feels to receive!

The universe is an abundant playground. Opening to receive connects you to the abundant cycle of giving and receiving. Chances are you've done PLENTY of giving. What if the universe orchestrated this BIG Shift just so you'd expand your capacity to receive? It's sure to increase your bandwidth for giving.

Whatever you need, and want, during this BIG Shift is yours. Just ASK for it and open the floodgates to receiving!

Are You Hiding Out?


Has your BIG Shift sent you into hiding? Have you withdrawn to your secret safe house and ruled out the risk of reward?

BIG Shifts can bring out your survival mechanism. There's nothing surprising about that, yes? You're wired for survival. In times of deep crisis it's natural to shore up your resources and seek to control the repercussions of massive change.

Once crisis conditions are under control you might still be tempted to remain in closed quarters. Though BIG Shifts do have their own rhythm and flow notice when it is time to  dive back into the greater stream. If you're still hesitant you might be the cause of your own slow down.

3 Indicators You Might Be Hiding Out

If you're not experiencing movement chances are your energy has been hijacked, consciously or unconsciously. Here are three indicators, see if any of them click for you:

1. Your Energy is Low. You tire easily and a lot. You know you're sensitive but this is hypersensitive. Your fuse seems a little shorter these days. There's very little impetus for movement. You have a very limited bandwidth for work, family, relationships, exercise, etc. Your energy is pulled in. You're hungry for restorative environments like the ocean, a lake, or an inner retreat. It's difficult to access your creativity and flow. Nurture your being!

2. You've Shifted Into a Denser Frequency. This often occurs when there's great disparity between your frequency and that of another's. You vibe down in order to ‘connect' with others.  You withhold being who you are fully, in order to be seen and heard. You're operating from a mundane vs magical perspective. You're stuck in the law of the land vs the living of the  law. Vibe up!

3. You're Stuck in the Safety Zone. You're deeply entrenched in the comfort of what you know. Venturing beyond your safety zone brings on a litany of limiting beliefs that blocks your ability to venture into the unknown with power and grace. This usually indicates you're stuck in survival mode. Engage the adventure!

Once you hone in on the feel of where you're hiding out allow the specifics of where and how you do it to pop up into your awareness. Jot them down. Explore the potential of the circumstance.

Here's the thing: hiding out is actually keeping you from accessing your genius. It takes SO much energy to sustain these lower frequency states that you don't have the energy available to weave your magic into being.

Take a moment right now to hone in on where you're hiding out and what new way of being is calling to you. Make sure to share it with us below. Sharing your insight powers it up! Thanks for playing.

3 Shifts to Support Your BIG Leaps

115323297_44572f4e54_oIt takes energy to navigate the BIG Shifts and turn them into BIG Leaps.

How can you free up some rocket fuel for the adventure?

Surrender some of the inner constructs upon which your world is founded. The more you are willing to let go of what you know, the sooner the new can make it's way to you.

Here are 3 shifts in perspective that will increase your energy, unleash your flow and activate your BIG Leap:

1. Life is perfect as is.

When you've taken a big detour in your world, and things are out of whack, creating your own reality can seem like a seductive solution.

Have you ever noticed that creating your own reality can bring on as much angst as the BIG Shift you're wanting to make?

You don't have to create your reality, you just have to cleanse your senses to feel the reality and its psychedelic beauty, its colorfulness, its greenness, its aliveness. Osho

The next time you find yourself forcing the reality creation let go of the need to make it happen and partner on the flow.

2. Welcome the discomfort, as well as the delight. When you get upset about change it’s usually that you have an attachment to what you already know. This is the biggest landscape for transformation.

Instead of avoiding discomfort, dive deeply into it. I promise that you will come through it more of who you truly are than you were going in. If you’re afraid, plunge off the precipice. If you’re uncomfortable, welcome the potential that is pulsating at the edge of your awareness. Stuff happens, move onto the next moment. Change IS freedom! Movement is YOU!

Please, don't walk around as a human doing. Wield your power and embrace the alivening genius of your dynamic being.

3. Answer the call of your unique genius. Those who create great shifts, start a movement or spark breakthroughs, walk along the path not travelled. Some may consider that you need great courage to choose to walk where no one treads. It ain't necessarily so.

It's not about courage and conviction, it's more about what's compelling. Something beckons to you, silently or forcefully, that you must say “YES” to. It doesn't matter if there's any physical confirmation that this is the road to take. You don't flinch when others don't see it your way. There is something that you know, even when you don't have any evidence. It's as if your body moves you, of its own will, along a trajectory that propels you to an unknown destination. You just know that you must.

So it's not about mustering up anything, it's about following the energy of what calls to you at your core. It may not be comfortable, it may be downright unpleasant, but you can't just say “No.”

Tune in and sense your co-creative partnership with life. Feel the delight in being. Wonder is the frequency of your innate essence. The real ‘you' comes alive in being. Partner with your vision of life.  Awaken to BEing.

The precipice of true freedom is poised at this inner gateway. Nothing out there is holding you back, the biggest barrier to your essential freedom is you and you can certainly shift that.

What BIG Leap are you ready to make? Please share below.

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