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Daily Shift: Don’t Focus on Money. Focus on What’s Meaningful.


BIG Shifts can shake up your money situation. It can be pretty scary, too. Here's the thing, money is a spider web of entanglement. It's tied into your sense of safety and security and your sense of worth and accomplishment. So when your money gets mangled it's easy to see how you can lose your sense of certainty in the world.

There is NO accident that this is occurring. This is one of the primary programs that is ready for an upgrade. Doing things for the money – whether it's a job, a client, or a program – when your values, heart and passion are not aligned with it, are a clear sign that you are out of integrity.

If you are someone whose business IS the work of transformation this simply won't do. At some point something will occur that will force you to line it up. Either you'll lose business or you won't be able to muster the energy to do it anymore. Alignment is crucial in our line of work.

So … don't focus on the money, focus on what's meaningful. The former will lead you into the swampland of fear and the latter will strengthen your intuition and trust. You know where the true treasures lie, right?

This is a scary subject for many but it's time to clean up the old money karma. Let's do it, yes?

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Daily Shift: Lighten Up


There's a lot going on during a BIG Shift and one of the ways to move through all of it with grace and ease is to lighten up. A BIG Shift actually helps you hone in on what's essential, everything else is up for movement. Frankly, the limited bandwidth for bullshit is a blessing. I know that's strong language but this is a fork in the road moment, lovelies.

You can feel consumed by the changes thrust upon you, or you can use your creative powers to craft a new pathway. There are two pathways, equally vital to your movement, your inner world and your outer environment.

Your inner world will be visited by limiting beliefs, conflicting emotions and critical voices. I say hear them out with understanding, lovingly reassure them that all is well and let them move through you. Imagine you're a parent calming your child's fear of the dark. You know that the peril is imagined and your rock solid confidence eases your child into sleep.

When these inner conflicts arise put one hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly.  Breathe deeply, slow down and smile. Feel your connection to All That Is (whatever you may call the divine forces) and rest in the arms of a loving intelligence. Every time an inner fear arises use it as a practice to relax into your body and lighten up.

Your outer environment will also afford opportunities to lighten up. Free yourself from anything that starts with a ‘have to, should, and must.' Any activities, responsibilities or commitments that feel heavy say, “Heave ho!” Any people or places that drain your life force are equally up for relinquishment. This is a time to honor yourself and the feel of lightness in your body will guide you to what's best.

BIG Shifts are a perfect time to clean house. If you're willing it will change your world. Where are you ready to ‘lighten up' in your world? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Daily Shift: Ask and Allow



By far this is the biggest growth opportunity during a BIG Shift. Most of the folks that I've been having BIG Shifts conversations with over the past two years have earmarked this as a critical turning point. Once you muster up the molly to ask for what you need, things start moving!

Listen, I'm not saying it's easy. It's particularly challenging if you've been holding the post of caregiver, parent, ‘let's save the planet champion' or being the infinite fountain of ‘Yes!' You will be invited to challenge your chatter, the incessant inner dialogue that says you should be able to handle this. Say, “Thanks for sharing” and tally ho onto your request.

In my conversations with change agents and coaches – who are by and large givers to the nth degree – the issue of asking and allowing has come front and center. I am convinced that this is divine intervention to balance the tendency to give and seldom receive. BIG Shifts move you into the playground of asking a LOT. And kudos to you when you rise to the challenge.

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Today, flex your asking muscle and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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