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BIG Shifts Chat: Camara Randolph

bse-camararandolph-facefearsCamara Randolph begins her BIG Shifts story sharing her discovery that success in the corporate world did not easily translate into success in the entrepreneurial world.

She encountered limiting beliefs that blocked her success and had to face fears that she hadn't even been aware of.

Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • Work on the internal so you can be more fully present in the external.
  • When it feels so natural to serve others, it's common to feel uncomfortable asking for money for your services.
  • When you put yourself out there –  solo – a lot comes up. Increased visibility will bring stuff up.
  • Own your expertise. Remember that being an expert is a sliding scale.
  • Ask the questions. What is it that you really want? What is it that you're really here to do?
  • Give it time. There might be a gap between the time you ask the questions and receive the answers.
  • When you're in fear, focus on what you can do.
  • If you're sitting in a conference or a webinar and  think, “I could have taught that!” It's time for you to step up and do it.
  • Some things need to seep. If you're a doer, it's hard to sit and wait. Do it anyway.
  • If you're not clear on your next step you might be in the seeping period.
  • Before you zoom off to do, do, do … deliberate.

Plus, Camara shared a 3-step process that she uses when she's feeling fear and has to take action anyway.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Camara%20Randolph%2C%20Business%20Growth%20Consultant” text=”%3Cp%3ECamara%20Randolph%20is%20the%20founder%20of%20Cross%20Channel%20Market.%20She%20help%20experts%20who%20love%20what%20they%20do%20but%20feel%20trapped%20and%20limited%20just%20working%201-to-1%20use%20th” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

BIG Shifts Chat: Paula D’Andrea

bse-pauladandrea-griefPaula D'Andrea experienced an unfathomable BIG Shift. She lost her soul mate, her sister Lisa. Paula shared how her sister – through this immense loss – extended her the freedom to clean up her hot messes.

This BIG Shift offered her an opportunity to let go of the lower vibrations of apathy, lust, greed, sadness and grief and cross over into courage, acceptance and peace. Her quest has been to grow into the power of being love and light.

Here are some highlights from our call:

  • Your growth comes from your recovery period, not the BIG Shift itself.
  • A lot will surface, if you allow it to come to light.
  • Support is the biggest thing to embrace and accept.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Surrender into what is happening. It will be okay.
  • Look at the parts of you that are in readiness to shift to a better place.
  • Feel what you feel. Let it be.
  • Grief lives at a cellular level. Your BIG Shift will tap into the current experience AND old grief for you to release.
  • A BIG Shift allows you to examine your different emotions.
  • The more you tap into your emotions, and the deeper you can go, the greater freedom you will experience.
  • If you don’t allow yourself to go through your BIG Shift, eventually you’ll experience another one that will bring it all up again.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Paula%20D'Andrea%2C%20Transformation%20Specialist” text=”%3Cp%3EPaula%20D'Andrea%20is%20a%20speaker%20on%20the%20topics%20of%20mindset%2C%20wellness%20and%20inspiration.%20She%20is%20an%20expert%20in%20harnessing%20the%20power%20of%20transformation%20to%20create%20freedom%2C%20happiness%20and%20abundance%20in%20your%20life.%20Paula%20is%20a%20transformation%20specialist%20on%20how%20to%20overcome%20adversity%2C%20end%20pain%20and%20stop%20self-sabotage.%20She%20is%20CEO%20of%20a” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

BIG Shifts Chat: Nat Couropmitree

bse-natcouroopmitree-centering“We can no longer be out of alignment with ourselves if we really want to live the fulfilled lives that we desire.”

That was one of the clearest takeaways from my chat with Nat.

Here are other highlights from the call:

  • Don’t spend your time trying to FIX your life, instead LIVE your life.
  • If you believe you’re broken, no external fix will do.
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Choose a different perspective.
  • Acknowledge and honor your feelings.
  • Self love and self compassion are key in shifting.
  • Your gifts are meant for YOU. When you open your heart big enough for yourself, that’s when transformation happens.
  • Notice the signposts that you’re in transformation and design your environment to support it.
  • Breathing deeply brings you back to the present.
  • Breathing deeply is a calming and cleansing experience.
  • Connecting to yourself is an act of self love.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Nat%20Couropmitree%2C%20Author%20and%20Coach” text=”%3Cp%3ENat%20Couropmitree%20empowers%20big-hearted%20change%20makers%20to%20partner%20with%20themselves%20for%20lasting%20fulfillment.%20He's%20a%20former%20Buddhist%20monk%2C%20a%20seasoned%20workshop%20leader%2C%20and%20the%20creator%20of%” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]
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