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BIG Shifts Chat: Gina-Dianne Harding

bse-ginadianneharding-liveGina-Dianne Harding shared a life pivotal moment in her BIG Shifts story…

“I believed I was a drain on society, a worthless person and a terrible mother whose son would be better off without me. I felt like I was in quicksand and was being sucked in. It was a miserable, hopeless time in my life. The critical voices in my head were so cruel that I decided to end the hopeless despair I was experiencing. I developed a plan to kill myself. I decided to do it so that no one I knew would find me. And the day before I was going to end it I went for a walk along the river and during that walk the shift began.”

Here are some highlights from our call:

  • Don't do it alone. Get the support of friends and family.
  • Choose the environment that will help you shift.
  • You can change your beliefs and values.
  • Decide to LIVE.
  • The key to recovery is awareness of your thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this limited way of being what I really want?”
  • Learn to let go of your limiting beliefs.
  • Manage your thoughts and emotions.
  • Shift your perspective.
  • Understand energy and use it to live in higher vibration consciousness.
  • Reconnect to your divinity by reconnecting to yourself, nature and to the Creator of All That Is.
  • Connecting to your divinity does not have to be a struggle or a long process.
  • Use quantum theory and neuroscience techniques to shift instantly.
  • Make friends with your critical voices.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Gina-Dianne%20Harding%2C%20Divinator%20of%20Consciousness” text=”%3Cp%3EGina-Dianne%20Harding%20is%20an%20author%20and%20Higher%20Consciousness%20Activator.%20She%20is%20a%20former%20Public%20Health%20Nurse%2C%20with%20a%20graduate%20degree%20in%20adult%20education%2C%20and%20an%20ordained%20spiritual%20peacemaker%2C%20with%20a%20Master%20of%20Divinity.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A%3Cp%3EGina-Dianne%20is%20an%20adventurer%20who%20loves%20” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

BIG Shifts Chat: Claire Sierra



Claire shared during her BIG Shifts story, “Sometimes we really want the guidance about who we are but we are not ready to step into it. Once I finally stepped into it, then the rest of my life started to dissolve around me.” She arose on the other side of it with a book, a renewed business, a relocation and much much more.

Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • Your purpose may not come to you in a clear download. It can come bit by bit.
  • Once you get your divine guidance you have to be ready to act on it. That may take some time. You have to be READY for your BIG Shift.
  • BIG Shifts don’t have to be a tragedy and hardship but a lot of upheaval and change can occur.
  • The divine feminine is a call to shift from the striving and doing of the masculine to the spiritual and flowing of the feminine.
  • The difficulties people often experience in BIG Shifts might mean you’ve been getting the guidance and haven’t heeded it.
  • When you get a glimmer of your purpose a part of you may be onboard for it and another part of you is very scared. That’s where the BIG Shift experience can occur.
  • Learn how to meet and manage your internal conflicts or it will create a lot of havoc.
  • You CAN be committed in theory but not in practice. These must be in alignment or it won’t work.
  • Notice what’s happening, recognize when you’re out of alignment, and realign. Get support.
  • You will encounter alignment opportunities when you move from the safety of the known to the expansion of the unknown.
  • It’s not about getting somewhere, it’s about a state of being.
  • The presence and experience of the Divine Feminine is about having the experience of ourselves as divine and recognizing that we are an aspect of her.
  • Life is happening with you and for you, not to you.
  • The things that are occurring are expressions of our cravings.
  • Growth is messy.
  • Surrender is leaning back into the arms of the Beloved.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Claire%20Sierra%2C%20Art%20Therapist%20and%20Soul%20Coach” text=”%3Cp%3EClaire%20Sierra%2C%20MA%2C%20is%20the%20author%20of%20The%20Magdalene%20Path%20%E2%80%93%20Awaken%20the%20Power%20of%20Your%20Feminine%20Soul%C2%A9.%20An%20Arts%20Therapist%20and%20True%20Purpose%E2%84%A2%20Master%20Coach%2C%20Claire%20has%20helped%20thousands%20of%20unfulfilled%20women%20step%20into%20clarity%2C%20meaning%20” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]

BIG Shifts Chat: Sheila Finkelstein

bse-sheilafinkelstein-focusSheila Finkelstein has dealt with a number of BIG Shifts in her life, but the most challenging was her husband Sam's Parkinsons and the subsequent loss when he passed. Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • Anger can be a spur to act creatively and discover new answers.
  • Believe in yourself and your own resilience.
  • Check in to see if it's about you being right or taking the right action.
  • During the depths of despair a camera can be your way out. It can create an immediate shift.
  • Your tools can create a clearing, clarity and peace.
  • Words give freedom and release.
  • Focusing your attention on a creative exploration shifts the ‘woe is me’ mode.
  • The simple act of noticing, getting out of your own head, creates a shift.
  • Be open to receiving.
  • Accept who you are.
  • Pay attention to your own feelings.
  • The way out is through writing.
  • Look at what’s really going on.
  • Find a friend to reflect your greatness.
  • Look for your own greatness in others.
  • When you’re feeling really great, write it down for yourself.
  • Your tools help you excavate what’s really going on.

[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Sheila%20Finkelstein%2C%20The%20Tech%20Savvy%20Senior” text=”%3Cp%3ESheila%20Finkelstein%2C%20%E2%80%9CThe%20Tech%20Savvy%20Senior%E2%80%9D%2C%20has%20also%20been%20referred%20to%20as%20%E2%80%9CThe%20Lens%20to%20Life%20Discovery.%E2%80%9D%20With%20a%20wide%20range%20of%20life%20and%20business%20experiences%2C%20she%20has%20incorporated%20her%20three%20main%20businesses%20and%20passions%20into%20Treasure%20Yo” alignment=”left”][/img_text_aside]
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