BIG Shifts Chat: Rose Diamond



Rose Diamond’s BIG Shifts story starts off with …

“The earth is moving. The bank, trees and bushes are undulating across the lawn like a snake. We are in the middle of a landslide.” It’s a powerful story that shares how she went from homeless to claiming home anywhere she is in a serendipitous and sacred way.

Here are the highlights from our chat:

  • We always have a choice. We can’t choose what happens to us but we can always choose how we respond to it.
  • Resistance and complaining is futile when something is happening.
  • True wealth has nothing to do with money or possessions, it’s the sense of being connected with life.
  • Everything passes. Do your best. Stay calm, breathe. Then surrender.
  • Let go and trust. Use this as the most amazing opportunity and gift that you’ve been giving to really let go and trust and receive.
  • The skills and tools we need are very simple. It’s about connecting, about being here.
  • Soften, breathe, listen.

You can experience her process, I AM Here, on the audio below. Plus, you can also get her 7 Essential Keys to Unlock Your Creative Power with Ease and Joy. Enjoy! and do check in and share you insights and feedback below.

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  • Rose, I admire how you handled your big shift with such grace. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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