Goddess Revolution Day 37: Dream On

Dreams are fuel for living. They power you up, inspire you, and activate your latent gifts. Sometimes there’s no limit to what you’ll do to bring a dream to life. Sometimes dreams languish in our hearts and never see the land of the living. Some of us live in our dreams and some of us…

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Goddess Revolution Day 36: You Got To Have Friends

In Doorway 11 we find higher aspirations and social connections that enhance our lives. Friendship, groups, humanitarian causes, associations, wishes and dreams are found here. This is the Aquarius house of the astrology chart, ruled by the planet Uranus. This is the house where we meet others who are equals, and do something together. Group…

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Goddess Revolution Day 35: What Are You Responsible For?

Responsibility is a sign of maturity. It’s one of the markers of being a grown up. It’s ownership for the things that matter to you, the things that are in your care. It’s ensuring that you’re the one that has those things turn out. It does not apply to everything or everyone. It is a very…

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