About Big Shifts

About the BIG Shifts 21-Day Adventure

The BIG Shifts 21-Day adventure runs July 29th – Aug 26th. Calls are Mon thru Fri, 9:30 am ET, and last 20-30 minutes. These calls are a way to spark your day into BEing.

You'll receive a daily message to stir the potential, then we meet for a live call.

Here's the flow of the calls:

    Check in and say hello. We might have already started a conversation. Dive in or chill out on your own personal groove.
    This is the co-creative aspect of the call. Adela or Simone will lead a 5-10 minute guided experience. Dance full out. Often, there's a good bit of silence between the experience and the checkins. This is a dynamic space where insights and a ha's occur. Bring your writing implements – paper/pad and favorite pen. You may be invited to capture the insights.
  • 9:45 ET CHECK INS
    We'll take as many check-ins as possible. It's an opportunity to articulate your experience and share your ‘knowing.' Share what you feel called to share. As others check in you'll come to understand the ‘shared experience' portion of our show. This will help you identify themes coming up for your engagement. This is rocket fuel transformation with ease and grace. Power up babies. Lets roar.
  • 10:00 ET SIGN OFF
    We all sign off with G'bye… and usually “I Love You's.” We also might break into a song.

If you want to party up and partner powerfully for an inside out adventure, join us. Let's navigate the BIG Shifts with grace, power and clarity.

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