3 Levels of Change: Hindrance or Help?

1226-businessWould you prefer to struggle with change or have it pull you forward?

Sometimes change is thrust upon you by external events: job loss, passing of a loved one, an illness or an accident. Sometimes it's a path that you choose.

It can seem inevitable in such moments to resist the ‘reality’ of what is occurring. Change of this magnitude creates a fissure in your well composed world. Listen up, my friends, this very break is a portal to tremendous potential.

What if you could reorient to the situation in a way that empowered you instead of fractured your being? I'm not asking you to deny what is. I will, however, invite you to reframe it in a way that supports you.

Here are 3 ways to experience change and how each pathway can hinder or help you:

1. React to change from your emotions. More often than not, this perspective accentuates the personal predicament. This is a combination of feelings + story. You can find the source of this problem somewhere in your past – some place, some thing, some one did “x” and you now feel “y” so you'll only do “z.” Don't get sucked into this energy drain vortex! This is still a very dense energy. The energy is pretty low vibe and the bandwidth is limited. It's constricted by external influences, whether they're in your past, present or future. Chaos and uncertainty rule the day. Responsibility is projected.

2. Explore change from your mind. This perspective includes a heavy dose of intellect, following the rabbit trail of your thoughts and beliefs. No doubt a well meaning friend, or book, has already shared with you the existential inevitability of change. Like diving into a frigid pool, this understanding doesn't make it any more inviting. Don't be seduced by the brain candy! This is a very fixed and limited energy. There's very little movement. You're either a victim or a victor. Polarity and duality are rampant. Responsibility is outsourced.

3. Invoke change from your energy. This perspective calls in the highest aspect of you, the infinite version of yourself. You might call it your higher self or inner self, your soul or essence. It's who you are when you remember ‘who you really are.' Your heart and wholeness are fully engaged. Change from this stream is a dance of surrender, power and creatively sourced action. You partner with the forces of creation, taking responsibility for your part in the dance. Whatever the moment requires you become and the dance is full of grace and majesty. Paradox is your everyday companion. Responsibility is embraced.

Change is merely a shift in energy, a doorway to something more than you’ve ever been before.

What is the ‘more' you are invoking? Make sure to post below.

  • Angela says:

    words want out (again)

    Ready or not
    I’m here
    I’ve seen the window
    Opened the door
    Ranted, raved and more
    Embrace the more


  • Great Call! I really felt a shift starting today. Thanks for keeping the calls up! With the big shifts we are experiencing, I find the days can get a bit chaotic and I don’t get to the replays that day if I miss the 630 am delightful start to the day. I also loved the juge- It really moves my energy and increases my vibes when I am focused on juging others and it feels great to receive that energy too! Thanks for all you are doing Adela and Simone.
    Gina-Dianne Harding recently posted…Connect in Awe with Nature Now, Expand and Experience Your Oneness as a Multidimensional BeingMy Profile

    • Adela Rubio says:

      Thanks, Gina-Dianne! I thought it was awesome too.

      One of the things I LUV about living ‘from the energy’ instead of the intellect is that you are moved into dynamic action that is sourced from a much deeper knowing. That’s why the calls are staying up! Glad you agree.

      I love this work! And I know Simone does too. Great to partner with you on it, Gina-Dianne. Mwah!
      Adela Rubio recently posted…Relax. Everything Changes.My Profile

  • Gayle Hannan says:

    Right on target again. Big Shifts happening in my vision for myself, my family. Came in on the replay this morning and the meditation is sooooo powerful I shake the stuff right out of my field. Whatever was held there as a past illusion, dream, negative memory (all those bubbles) are clearing , popping out into the healed energy of old wounds . Moving me closer, freer, more space available to begin a new vision. Will be taking time to dream it into being. Will be allowing the essence of it to arrive. Now choosing to create and accept the higher frequencies which are available for me to play with. Thanks for the upgrade in a circle of fine travelers! Much Love to all xoxo

  • Sarah says:

    my abilities have the ability to create me … as I have the ability to create myself by my own ability

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