Sprinkle Your Pixie Dust

We’ve reached the end of this adventure. It has been wonderful to share it with you – whether you wrote to the prompts on your own, shared in the Facebook Group or showed up on the live writing circles. This event is intentionally designed to make it easy for you to play your way. I…

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Joy is High Performance Fuel

Welcome to Day 20 of our 21-Day Adventure! Joy . . . sounds of joy to the world (the hymn AND the Three Dog Night song) ring through my head, opening my heart and lifting my spirits. Just the word does things to me. It’s like happiness to the 100th power. My body feels infused…

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You’re a Legend, Darling!

Welcome to Day 19 of our 21-Day Writing Circle! Some might think it prideful, even arrogance, to think in terms of legend. I think Freddie Mercury hit it right on the head. Most of us probably shoot too low, rather than too high. Why not? Why shouldn’t you leave a lasting, legendary legacy? Not out…

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