Goddess Revolution: Celebrate The Adventure

Doorway 13 is the center of the wheel. From here we can see all the themes, every topic we’ve covered, and a few more that were prompted by our inquiry, conversations and writing these past 6 weeks. The Goddess Revolution was designed to be a journey from the outside of the wheel, (and an external…

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Goddess Revolution Day 42: Connect to Your Power Source

Are you one of the growing throng of women who consider themselves spiritual but not religious? Organized religion has suffered some serious setbacks in recent history. The proliferation of technology and the subsequent access to information has further unhinged the masses from millennia of following in the footsteps of others. Today almost everyone has access…

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Goddess Revolution Day 41: Window to Wonder

Imagination is another of your innate super powers. It’s readily available. All you need to do is close your eyes, relax your body and open to your inner sensing. Some of you can easily access this dimension, others may need to practice a bit. You have the ability. It’s part of your wiring. Einstein is…

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